Published On: Sun, Oct 13th, 2019

David Crawford: The Incredible Benefits of Drinking More Water

I seemed that every time I went to see Dr. David Crawford he would tell me that I needed to drink more water each day. In all honesty I didn’t really believe him for a long time, despite the fact that he knows more about health than I ever will do in my lifetime, as I thought that I was drinking sufficient water. Around 3 months ago we had the conversation again after I was complaining about my energy levels, and so I decided to take his word for it. I planned to drink between 3-4 liters of water everyday and see if it changed anything, and how amazed I was. Of course the doctor was right and thanks to David’s repeated suggestions, here are the changes which took place. 

photo D. Sharon Pruitt from Hill Air Force Base, Utah, USA

Energy Levels 

Most days I would start off with a bang at work and then as the afternoon wore on I would feel pretty lethargic and not really too pumped up to do much. Within just 4 days of drinking more water this afternoon lag suddenly disappeared and my energy levels stayed the same from the morning right through to the evening. I felt more able to put effort in and I only ever really felt tired at the end of the day. 

Skin Clearup

I have always tried to look after my skin but recently it was starting to look quite dry and wrinkled, which I put down to age. After the 3rd week of my new water incentive however I noticed that my skin looked fresher, cleaner and had much more vitality in it, truth be told I felt that I actually looked younger. This wasn’t the only impact which it had on my face, I also began to lose those dark circles around my eyes, which also made a big impression. 


I have always had trouble sleeping, mainly trouble with getting to sleep but also problems with not getting enough high quality sleep. This was another benefit which I could see from drinking more water and I can only assume that it was because I had such strong levels of energy through the day, that come the evening I was genuinely tired and ready to sleep. 

Focus and Concentration 

That afternoon lull which I spoke about at work didn’t just disappear, I also realized that with the renewed energy that i had, I also had s much more focus and higher levels of concentration. David told me that the reason behind this is that when your body is dehydrated it takes hydration from other areas of the body, which can leave the brain struggling to operate at its maximum levels. This was something I noticed after just a few days of drinking more water and I became so much more alert and attentive. 

And so it turns out that I was wrong and the good doctor David, as per usual, was right on the money. If you are not drinking enough water, these are the benefits which you are missing out on.

Author: James Daniel

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