Published On: Wed, Aug 16th, 2023

9 Motorcycle Safety Tips That You Need for an Accident-Free Ride

“Ride safe” is a usual phrase among motorcycle riders. The term aims to remind every rider of the need to ride cautiously. Perhaps, you are wondering how to ride safely because you start taking risks when you place a leg over your bike. 

However, you can strategically manage this risk through the following steps:

Steps to Take Before the Ride

It is erroneous to assume that your ride starts when you ignite and ease off the clutch. While the assumption may be technically correct, it is proper to commence your safety checks before getting on the motorcycle. Take the following six steps before a ride:

Choose the Correct Motorcycle

Ensure you find a bike that suits you. You may find it challenging to decide if you are a new rider. Perhaps, you should test drive before buying to know the one that suits you most. 

A bike’s look should not be the predominant factor in deciding. Instead, check its overall power, wet weight, and power-to-weight ratio before listening to your gut. 


Wear a Full-Face Helmet Constantly

Put on a full-face helmet that protects the eyes. Do not be tempted into thinking that “I am only going somewhere close by in the neighborhood, and I do not need a helmet” because most mishaps happen at slow speeds. Hence, a helmet is a life-saver in any situation. 

A full-face helmet is essential because it protects the chin in an accident. 

Always Wear Protective Gear

Wear an abrasion-resistant jacket with armor, gloves, a full-face helmet, boots covering the ankles, and jeans or long pants. Wearing motorcycle pants with moto boots and armor will give you more protection. Never think that there is a time you should not wear your gear. 

If you feel uncomfortable in it during summer, switch to a vented white helmet and lighter-colored gear. 

Check Weather Forecast Properly

Every safe rider is a meticulous planner. You must adequately plan yourself before venturing out and make concessions where necessary. Download reliable apps to check the weather before taking a route. 

If you anticipate a weather disruption, you can make safe decisions ahead. 

Be Sober

The saying by pilots that “eight hours from bottle to throttle” also works perfectly for motorcyclists; you must properly concentrate during a ride. Be constantly aware of your environment and respond adequately to any issue. 

Take Adequate Rest

It is somewhat taxing to ride a motorcycle safely because you must focus throughout your journey. It can be mentally exhausting. Get a good sleep the night before your ride. 

Take breaks if you are on a long journey to avoid highway hypnosis. Stay hydrated and stretch yourself.

Ensure the Motorcycle is in a Good Condition

Do not be too hasty to get on your bike that you will forget to conduct the necessary checks. Check the brake lights, tire pressure, fluids, and turn signals.

Steps to Take While on the Bike

After doing the necessary checks before the ride, you still need to do more for a safe ride. 

Tick On-the-Bike Checklist

You probably checked the bike’s mirrors and suspension and imagined yourself riding when you were at the dealer’s showroom. You do not have the same feeling when you ride your bike at different times. Thus, you must always gauge your feelings about your bike before traveling farther. 

If you feel uncomfortable on your bike, make the necessary adjustments. Confirm if the brake levers and clutch have enough resistance. Do not move further if the brake is not working perfectly. 

Ride Defensively

You should never forget that you are invisible; drivers always claim they did not see a rider after a collision. Ride defensively by pretending that no one sees you. Be aware of your environment and constantly expect the worst from drivers.” says 

Charles Boyk of Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC.

 While these safety tips might not be the comprehensive list, they will surely help you to make a safe ride. 

Author: Anu T

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