Published On: Sat, Nov 24th, 2018

7 Ways to Keep Burglars Away From Your Home

No matter what you do, criminals can find a way to access it. However, by reducing the easy marks that attract burglars to homes, you can make your home a safer place. Here are a few security tips that you can use to reduce the odds of your home invasion and maintain your peace of mind:

Make sure the home is well-lit

A well-lit home can, to a great extent, keep criminals away. Not only does it give them the impression that someone is at home, it also makes it difficult for them to do their jobs, without being seen or identified. If possible, keep your lights on throughout the night; else, you can use motion-activated lights outside your home. Make sure they are placed high so that they can’t be disabled easily. You can install security systems to control your home’s lighting from wherever you are.

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Add some noise

A silent home can be an invitation to the burglars. As far as possible, use your radio or TV to create the impression that your home is occupied. The sound of these voices can deter criminals from breaking into your home.

Guard your doors and windows

If you don’t want criminals to break in, you will have to keep your doors and windows safe. Use a few metal strike plates to fortify your door. Make sure the handles can’t be removed easily. Secure your doors with strong high-quality deadbolt locks. Protect your windows with metal grates or bars. Keep your windows locked when you are not at home. You can install glass-break sensors and magnetic sensors for extra security.

Take away helpful objects

Stackable items and ladders can make it easier for a burglar to break into your home. As far as possible take away all such helpful objects or put them out of reach. This includes even snow shovels and other tools that can help burglars break and enter.

Don’t stash your keys

Most people have the habit of stashing their spare keys above their entryways, under their doormats, or inside the plants or faux rocks. Unfortunately many criminals are aware of this tactic. A habit like this can make it risk-free for a burglar to enter your home without being noticed. If you are worried about forgetting your house keys, you can use automated door lacks with keypads and remote controls. Else you can entrust one of your trustworthy neighbors to store your spare key.

Maintain your property

If you don’t want to invite burglars to break into your home, you will have to maintain your property well. Trim those trees and shrubs to keep your walkway clear. Grease those drainpipes and make sure no one can climb using them. Paint your pavement on a regular basis and mow your lawn to make your house look lived-in.

Organize with Neighbors

Nothing can be as effective as a strong community when it comes to deterring criminals. Maintain good relations with your neighbors and work with them to keep your neighborhood safe. Neighborhood watch groups can help reduce crime dramatically.

Another most important tip for you to keep in mind is to keep your valuables in a safe place, away from home. This way the burglar won’t find anything even if he does manage to access your home. Look for public storage Scottsdale for information on storage spaces near your area.

Author: Nataliya Stefanus

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