Published On: Wed, Jul 6th, 2022

4 Ways to Maximise Custom Orthotics for Your Feet

There are plenty of good reasons to wear orthotics daily. These devices can be customised to work well with your shoes and address ankle and foot issues. Arch support, cushioning, pain-relief, normalising deformities, preventing wear-and-tear injuries and ensuring good blood circulation are top usages of custom orthotics in NYC and elsewhere. This explains why the global orthotic market size was valued at $3.49 billion in  2021 and is projected to grow from $3.93 billion in 2022 to $6.15 billion  by 2029 at a CAGR of 6.6%.

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But it is vital to help the foot be accustomed to orthotics by wearing them regularly. Try to think ahead about the activities you will need the devices for. All of this can assure a satisfying experience and promote quick healing. You can consider working with orthotics specialists for custom feet inserts from New York OrthoLab that can improve performance and aid in speed, agility and stability while reducing fatigue throughout the body. The team is in the business for over 15 years and offers only state-of-the-art products to fit your footwear. Look at how you can make the most of the foot orthotics. 

Always Wear Socks 

Cloth creates a barrier between the skin and the device. It removes moisture and minimises the chances of infections, if any. You are less likely to experience small spots and blisters that may be possible in the beginning. Slightly suppressing socks also help in reducing swelling. This ensures a comfortable fit instead of making the Long Island custom orthotics tight. You can pick mildly compressing socks or flight socks for the best results. 

Set Goals 

It takes about 3-12 months to recover from plantar fasciitis so it may be mandatory to wear casts for months or weeks. PTTD, overpronation or cavus foot have different timelines as well. Start off with fixing a goal for wearing the custom insoles for shoes in New York. You may begin with 30 minutes each day and end up wearing it for 24 hours comfortably or as per your needs. This is necessary to avoid sores and discomfort. 

Use Talcum Powder 

The powder acts as a lubricant between the custom orthotics from New York and the shoe. It reduces squeaks while walking. Sprinkle a significant amount and re-insert.  Powder also keeps the interiors dry and reduces the risks of ugly moisture smells. You can store the device in a zip lock bag and freeze it for some time before using the powder. Do not apply anything if your ‘super feet’ are wet. Let it air dry well to avoid warps. 

Avoid Interchanging Orthotics 

Your custom foot orthotic from New York is built for different shoes separately. What is an ideal fit for sportswear may not work with heels. Similarly, orthotics meant for rigorous running may be uncomfortable if you are walking in them. Consult the doctor to avoid any foot injuries or misalignments.

The ultimate goal of custom orthotics in NYC is to correct functional problems like misalignments. They help muscles heal fully and protect during high-stress activities.  Wash your product with mild soap and water and store it carefully to increase the lifespan.

Author: Dharmendra Kumhar

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