Published On: Wed, Sep 17th, 2014

4 TV Landlords Worth Watching

Whether it’s a reality show, sitcom or drama, the best television shows include an element of reality so that viewers can relate to the characters and situations. With the housing bubble burst a few years ago, many people turned to renting either as a means of lowering their bills or because they were forced out of a mortgage they couldn’t afford. That means dealing with landlords has become more prevalent, and their presence on your favorite shows has increased.

Whether you have a private landlord or rely on a property management company, there are good landlords and terrible ones (and the same goes for tenants). Check out some of these famous TV landlords and how they fit the stereotype of this profession or break the mold. Would you want any of these characters managing your housing?

Three's Company photo Mister Roper landlord1. “Three’s Company”: Stanley Roper

Arguably the most famous of 70’s sitcoms, Normal Fell played Stanley Roper who had a penchant for being cheap and bulldozed by his wife. Fortunately, a lot of the situations that involved Stanley no longer exist today: Such as having to convince a landlord that it’s “okay” if women live with a gay man but not acceptable to have mixed living outside of wedlock of course.

2. “I Love Lucy:” Fred and Ethel Mertz

The Mertz’s weren’t just Lucy and Ricky’s landlords but also their best friends. Once again, the stereotype of the cheap landlord was on full display with Fred, who was known for putting off repairs and keeping the heat to a minimum. While few tenants would choose to be so close to their landlords, this show proved that it can work even if it requires mixing business with pleasure and friendship.

3. “Laverne and Shirley”: Edna Babish

Played by Betty Garrett, Laverne and Shirley’s landlord became close with the young working girls (and some might say a little too close). Unlike the previous TV landlords mentioned, Mrs. Babish didn’t boast any negative characteristics, but was instead the victim of her tenant’s non-stop antics. However, she might have got the last laugh when she married Laverne’s father.

4. “Melrose Place”: Amanda Woodward

This drama featured two landlords, and Amanda came on the heels of landlord Michael who many viewers thought was the worst case scenario. However, actress Heather Locklear proved them wrong with her incessant power plays and greed. She used the tenants in her small complex to suit her needs, proving that those who hold the title can make your renting situation wonderful or a nightmare.

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