Published On: Sun, Oct 15th, 2017

Zimbabwe Continues to Suffer A Lack of Basic Commodities

Economists in Harare have continued to decry the fatal shortages of the most simple of commodities, which comes as a parallel to a currency which continues to inflate as the Zimbabwean government reflects on its contingencies for newfound price revampings which will be put into effect throughout all facets of production.

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These major live commodity prices will continue towards their end goals for the next few weeks, and President Robert Mugabe has suggested that a newfound controlling method for prices will be put in place to tackle what he calls a retailer, wholesaler, and producer-created problem.

A President Trying to Take Control

Mugabe stood in front of thousands of loyal Zanu PF members shortly after attending the United Nations General Assembly, where he promised that his government is now on top of matters, and would be dealing with such a crisis within the very short span of two days.

He lamented just how commodities can be so expensive, yet be so scarce at the same time. He had a rather deflecting commentary to make, pointing fingers at vaguely stipulated conspirators that were attempting to instigate panic among the people and the government in the hopes of fostering social unrest and rioting.

He commended the intelligence of Zimbabweans, saying how they cannot be swayed by such attempts at disruption, and how he and his government would quickly sort out such issues in a matter of two days.

A National Commission

Mugabe’s rhetoric echoed that of Kumbirai Katsande, who is the chair of the National Competitive Commission. Katsande also stated that a full-scale crackdown on such skyrocketing prices was on its way.

He stated that the National Competitive Commission would be dispatching a very talented task force which would be assessing and inquiring the into the various price-related concerns across the nation.

There would be a rising number of agents involved as such a protocol gained impetus as the week continues, meaning that the government plans on a wholesome coverage of the entire country.

Such a process will indeed be highly aggressive and thorough with its tactics, promising to revoke the licenses of any shop owners or retailers whose practices were found to be unsavory by whatever rubrik such agents are employing.

Katsande went on to say that such a commission has not originated from him and his organisation, this is something that has been in the works for a long time.

Trying to Rectify the Commodities Crisis

Expert economists believe that the moot surrounding the controlled prices through such a regime will only exacerbate the lack of the most basic of commodities on a scale that will only continue to widen on a level never before experience by Zimbabweans.

This is largely to do with the fact that a very small minority of producers are able to actually supply such a fractured market, relying on a control of prices in order to make them enough profit to make it through into the next cycle.  

Author: Pankaj Deb

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