Published On: Fri, Nov 9th, 2018

Your Guide to New Build Regulations in the UK and How Solar Panels Can Help You Meet Them

Having your piece of property is definitely a good thing, but there’s something to be said about making sure that it meets various regulations from the government, especially if your property, whether commercial or domestic, is a new build. No matter how great the design of your home or building, it must meet certain criteria in regards to building and construction in order for it to gain approval. So if you’re planning to build property, what do you need to know about UK building regulations? Here’s your guide to new build regulations in the UK- and how solar panels can help you meet them.

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The basic regulations

Fundamentally speaking, your property should adhere to some general guidelines. For instance, it should be safe as well as structurally stable, and it should also help you conserve energy and even offer good access to individuals who are disabled. The structural soundness of your property doesn’t just refer to its external structure (such as the walls and the foundation); however – it also applies to your property’s home electrical components and system. There are various factors you need to take into consideration to make sure that your home or building follows the standards.

A look at some different classifications or categories

  • The structure

The structure of your building should follow various criteria, and this includes the building’s loadings, the structural element construction such as the construction of the foundations, the floors, the walls, the roof, and the chimneys.

  • Resistance to moisture and contaminants

There are also regulations regarding the preparation of the site and its resistance to moisture and contaminants, and this covers or also includes the treatment or clearance of materials which are unsuitable, resistance to materials which can contaminate, and the drainage of sub-soil. Aside from this, your building should have the proper resistance to the buildup of moisture on the floors, the roof, and the walls. You should also make sure to follow provisions for ventilation and damp proofing.

  • Electrical safety

As already mentioned, electrical safety and integrity is another priority so that your building can meet regulations. You should make sure that the installation is done correctly – other aspects comprising electrical safety include design and testing as well as provision.

  • Conservation of power and fuel

The energy efficiency of your building is now a primary consideration as well, and this is where solar energy comes in. It follows, of course, that the more energy efficient your home or building is, the better its chances of approval, as confirmed by specialists in solar in Manchester like Atlantic Renewables. And here’s another thing about solar energy which you may not be aware of: it is a cheaper way for you to meet building regulations when it comes to the conservation of power and fuel compared to installing additional insulation or heat pumps.

There are other categories in regard to building regulations, of course, and these include drainage and waste disposal, fire safety, resistance to noise or sound, ventilation, sanitation, water efficiency, hot water safety, sustainability, and more. But with the right systems (such as a solar panel system) it will be much easier for you to meet the regulations and benefit from full building approval.

Author: Joana Green

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