Published On: Tue, Jan 24th, 2017

‘X-Men The New Mutants’ characters will be like the comic book

Following their character breakdowns for Marvel’s The Inhumans TV series last week, That Hashtag Show has now provided Comic Book Movie with descriptions for the young children of the atom that’ll be introduced in Josh Boone’s X-Men: The New Mutants.

The spin-off from the X-Men universe will consist of: Cannonball, Magik, Sunspot, Wolfsbane and Mirage. The likes of Cypher, Magma and Warlock aren’t mentioned, but they may also appear in some capacity.

As far as the story, Boone’s New Mutants will center around The Demon Bear Saga with filming to start later this year.

Only James McAvoy’s Professor X is confirmed to make an appearance with Split star Anya Taylor-Joy reuniting with McAvoy to have a role. Back in May, producer Simon Kinberg stated, “Right now, as the movie exists, Professor X would be a part of a New Mutants movie.”

Taylor-Joy is reportedly being eyed for Magik, and Game of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams is said to be up for Wolfsbane. Paper Towns‘ Nat Wolff is rumored to be in the running for Cannonball. There was also a story going around that Alexandra Shipp might reprise her X-Men: Apocalypse role as Storm, but that part has yet to be confirmed.

Below is the character breakdowns revealed.

New Mutants is aiming to shoot in spring 2017 (rumored to be May) for release sometime in 2018, so expect a ton of concrete news, dates and casting soon.

Anya Taylor-Joy, James McAvoy in “Split”



[CHRIS] Male, 17 years old, Actor must be an adult (18 or over) or a legally emancipated minor; Tall, corn-fed Kentucky kid.

Cannonball (aka Sam Guthrie) flies at jet speeds and is able to create impenetrable force fields to protect himself, and absorb kinetic impact. His body naturally develops thermo-chemical energy that emanates from his skin, allowing him seemingly blast off and propel himself through the air.


[ANNA] Female, 17 years old, Actor must be an adult (18 or over) or a legally emancipated minor; Russian, sexy, with an obvious mean streak.

The sister of Colossus, Magik (aka Illyana Rasputin) is teleporter who can travel through time and space. Unlike teleporters like Nightcrawler who needs to see where he’s going, Magik can bring an entire group of people wherever she wants.


[ROB] Male, 16 years old, Actor must be an adult (18 or over) or a legally emancipated minor; Brazilian, cool, confident and extremely handsome.

Sunspot (aka Roberto “Bobby” da Costa) absorbs solar energy and transforms it into super strength. In his powered-up form, he turns all black except for his glowing white eyes.


[JESSICA] Female, 16 years old, Actor must be an adult (18 or over) or a legally emancipated minor; British, punk rock shorn red hair, waif-like.

Wolfsbane (aka Rahne Sinclair) can transform into wolf form while still maintaining human intelligence. When in transitional form, the Scottish-born mutant still has access to superhuman abilities.


While not mentioned in the breakdown, Dani Moonstar, who also goes by Psyche, is expected to star in the movie. The Hashtag Show reports she wasn’t included in the breakdown because the role has already been cast.

Spanning “The New Mutants” #18-20, the Demon Bear storyline is significant for the boundary-pushing debut of Bill Sienkiewicz as the new regular artist but for the mature storytelling by Chris Claremont.

CBR has an amazing breakdown of the comic book story – check it out HERE



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