Published On: Sat, Dec 22nd, 2012

WorldNetDaily names Ron Paul as ‘Man of the Decade’

Photo/US Congress

Photo/US Congress

After decades of unwavering abidance to his oath of office and the US Constitution, the website WorldNetDaily (WND) named Texas Congressman Ron Paul as their “Man of the Decade” Thursday.

Perhaps no one in modern political history has been a more principled voice for individual freedom, limited Constitutional government, civil liberties and a sound monetary policy.

WND rightly describes Paul as “taking no prisoners and abiding by no political party dictates while trying to push America back to the ideas of its Founding Fathers regarding privacy, responsibility, limited government and freedom.”

After decades of consistent preaching of sound money, he brought the mysterious Federal Reserve out of the dark and made their money manipulation a common political and economic topic everywhere.

Even though Dr. Paul was an elected representative in the US Congress for 20-plus years and ran for president three times, WND says, “Perhaps, though, the most prestigious title Paul earned was “Dr. No,” reflecting his stalwart commitment to the principles of liberty which he advocated by refusing to vote for legislation that went against the Constitution. He described this position on his website by stating that he “will never vote for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution.”

Dr. Paul will retire from the Congress at the end of this term.

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  1. Basil says:

    Thank to you Dr. Paul we have a breath of Freedom and we are warned of how a unbridled congress in league with a president can enslave a trusting nation. Help us get out the U.N.

  2. HK says:

    We will never see another Ron Paul in our life time! America screwed up! History could of been made. Liberty could have been won in 2012 I guess liberty and freedom will have to wait to America gets off her butt and stops electing sell outs. Maybe in 2016? Well one thing is for sure who ever is the next president even if they are a liberty canidate will be No Ron Paul. Thank you President Paul for 30 years of sticking to your principles. Thank you for 30 years of siding with the people and not the corporations. You stood on principle even when it wasnt popular to do so. Your own party shuned you and you still stood on the side of We The People. You will always be my president even if you dont live in the fancy Whitehouse. President Paul= The peoples canidate!

  3. WorldNetDaily names Ron Paul as ‘Man of the Decade’ - Rise of the Right says:

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  4. REV. AL says:


  5. nevadasmith says:

    I find it totally outrageous that TIME Magazine has not seen fit to give the “Man Of All Seasons”, Ron Paul-Man Of The Year.

  6. Dave says:

    How about that? Why did you not SUPPORT him Farah? You admitted former commie. Why were you sucking up to Romney?

  7. Evey says:

    You are bit late, don’t you think? Now, that the establishment neutralized him and his supporters for this election cycle. Better late than never I suppose.

  8. ringo says:

    Truly, he is a man to be emulated. Dr Paul ‘s work isnt done yet, and neither is ours. Let us boldly tread the path he has championed for over 30 years: The path of liberty.

  9. Nalejbank says:

    Few can count the great men they have met. Often they are unsung heroes in their day. I hope we can learn to appreciate those young men and women rising today to take his place. Maybe they will end up in Congress or maybe they will be an outstanding teacher or mentor. But the world needs more like him if liberty is to be in humanity’s future.

  10. Liz says:

    Nice, Ron Paul is an AMAZING man. Thanks for this!

  11. Matthew says:

    Awesome! He is one of the only one in the government that deserves it! Ron Paul when it is all said and done will go down as a HERO!

  12. WorldNetDaily names Ron Paul as ‘Man of the… - Rise of the Right says:

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