Published On: Fri, Oct 25th, 2019

Work overseas for a different travel adventure

Have you always wanted to travel overseas, but never quite had the budget to do it? Consider taking a job overseas for the adventure of learning the culture of a foreign country, while earning some money to keep you going along the way. The following are some suggestions on different ways of working abroad.

photo/ Jan Vašek

  1. Fruit picking

Picking fruit can be a strenuous activity, but if you are young and strong, this is one way to get away from home for a while, experience a different lifestyle while getting excellent exercise in the fresh air! 

Opportunities for fruit picking include strawberry picking in the UK, grape harvesting in France, working on a farm in Spain or other harvesting activities in Australia. The list is endless – there is always something needed to be picked somewhere in the world!

Visiting a quaint small village in the UK to harvest strawberries or pick apples can be a worthwhile job, with the opportunity of improving on your English language, if you are a second-language speaker. 

If you have a basic knowledge of Spanish, head to Spain to pick vegetables, fruit or perform other farm work in the country. Again, you will be able to broaden your handle on the language, while exploring all the attractions of Spain in your off-time. Here you will also often find employment in the production and processing side of the food industry.

Basically, it is just a matter of getting together the money for your airfare, organizing your visa and you are away.

  1. Run a summer villa in the UK

If you are a couple wishing to travel overseas to work, consider finding a job running a villa during the summer months in the UK. To successfully apply for this type of work, you need to have a strong background in hospitality and catering.

Basically employment would involve shopping and catering for the guests at the villa, serving the guests meals and keeping the property clean and tidy. You should also have the ability to build a good rapport with the guests, while making sure they enjoy their summer holiday at the villa as much as possible.

Not all jobs require professional catering skills; you just need to be a competent cook, following a set menu provided for you. Depending on the job and where you are traveling from, you might have to apply for a UK working visa, but otherwise, with the right experience, this work is pretty easy to find.

Again, in your off-time you can enjoy exploring your surroundings, trying out the traditional local pub and generally having fun until you go home again.

  1. Work remotely while traveling abroad

One ideal way of working abroad is by setting up your own online business, whether selling products in an online store, running a travel website featuring hotel and other accommodation, operating a popular blog or vlog, or something similar.

Basically, all you need is your own laptop, with all the necessary software onboard, and as long as you can get a good Internet connection, you can literally work from anywhere! Imagine traveling to somewhere exotic, like Bali or Central America, making your working hours your own, and giving yourself plenty of time to travel, explore and learn about the country.

Take a different step in the New Year by finding the best way to travel and work overseas – the experience can be fun and mind-expanding, and definitely worth the effort!

Author: Anne Sewell

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