Published On: Wed, Mar 18th, 2020

Women’s Work Shoes: How to Find Your Perfect Fit?

For working women, finding the perfect shoes can be a challenge. You need shoes that are comfortable enough to wear all day, every day, but you also need your shoes to make a great impression. Unfortunately, the most comfortable shoes often look too industrial or even like men’s shoes, while very stylish shoes are often not the most comfortable. 

Here’s what you need to know to find the perfect women’s work shoes which offer an excellent fit, great all-day comfort, and style that is sure to impress.

Quality Counts

You don’t want to spend more than you have to for women’s work shoes, but it is well worth paying more for high-quality shoes. Excellent craftsmanship and quality are much more important than trendy shoes that go in and out of style.

A well-crafted shoe will last you many years and look and feel great the whole time. Ideally, you will choose shoes that are handcrafted, which means they won’t have places that rub because of misaligned stitching like factory-made shoes often have.

photo Jean-Philippe Mondon

Choose Shoes Made With Goodyear Construction

Goodyear construction is nothing new, (It was patented by Mr. Charles Goodyear Jr in 1871), but it remains the gold standard in highly durable and attractive shoe construction. This technique is a method of stitching in which the soles of the shoes are attached to the uppers with a durable, breathable, and sustainable welt. These shoes last much longer than the competition which uses glue or something else to attach the sole.

Err On The Side Of Larger Shoes

Many women are surprised to learn that feet are not always the same size, even over the course of the day. As you stand and exercise and depending on your fluid intake as well as the temperature, your feet will swell over the course of the day. Your feet may even be significantly different sizes at various parts of the day.

Therefore, it is wise to order shoes that are slightly larger if you are between two sizes. You can wear thicker socks or put an insole in your shoe if you find that it is too loose at some parts of the day and change your socks or remove the insole as your feet swell.

Italian Leather Is Worth The Cost

Italian leather may cost more than other types of leather,  leather blends, or imitation leather, but it is worth the increased cost. Italian leather has a beautiful, luxurious shine, even as the shoes are broken in.

All it takes is some polishing in order to bring your shoes back to their former glory if they happen to be scuffed or get dirty. As you wear these shoes, they will flex and adjust to your feet, creating a customized fit that is as comfortable as any shoes that you can expect to find.

Italian leather will hold up over the years so you won’t find that your shoes are starting to look worn just as they become comfortable. If you want your shoes to last a long time and look and feel great through the years, make sure that they are crafted from Italian leather.

Buy From Experienced And Skilled Shoemakers

Even if a new company advertises that they use high-quality materials like Italian leather and utilize Goodyear Construction, if they haven’t been around for long and aren’t experienced in shoemaking, look elsewhere.

You want a company that is experienced in making women’s work shoes in the traditional way and uses the highest quality material to create products that are made to last. Companies that aren’t in it for the long game may take shortcuts that mean your shoes won’t last a lifetime like they should. 

Author: Jacob Maslow

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