Published On: Wed, Jan 25th, 2017

Women’s March: Transgenders feel the ‘oppressive message’ of ‘genital-based’ womanhood is ‘too heteronormative’

Transgender activists are upset that the Women’s March over the weekend was not inclusive to biological men who identify as women, as the protest presented an “oppressive message” that having a “vagina is essential to womanhood.” In fact, the person’s sex being defined by their female biology is offensive to “nonbinary” and only satisfies the cisgender activists.

“The main reason I decided not to go was because of the pussy hats,” said Jade Lejeck in an interview with Mic.com Sunday night. Leject, 28, is a biological man identifying and living as a woman. “I get that they’re a response to the ‘Grab them by the pussy’ thing, but I think some people fixated on [biology] the wrong way.”

Lejeck said “trans-exclusionary radical feminists” unfairly equate womanhood with having a vagina, and sometimes argue that transgender men are improperly trying to encroach upon female communities.

In a post by Breitbart, Sam Forrey details he didn’t attend the March with his transgender girlfriend Lilian McDaniel, fearing that his transgender girlfriend, biologically male, could placed in a men’s jail if arrested at the protest.

photo John Hain

The Ohio couple identify as “nonbinary,” people who view themselves as embracing a blend of male and female characteristics, but says the March promoted “genital-based” womanhood.

“I think it ended up being a white cis women march,” McDaniel said. Cisgender is a derogatory term for “normal behavior” such as men living as men and women living as women.

Forrey suggested that the vagina-related messages plastered on signs such as “pussy power” and “pussy grabs back” excluded people who lack vaginas but want to be women, and women who say their vaginas should not limit their chance to live as men.

“As a nonbinary person, the emphasis on genitals just bought into the rigid, Western concept of gender,” Forrey said, suggesting that a person’s biological sex should be unrelated to their classification as male or female.

The article, titled “How the Women’s March’s ‘genital-based’ feminism isolated the transgender community,” reveals the sexism of the narcissistic protesters.

The “saturation of vagina-related messages and imagery,” such as a giant hand-knit uterus, “set the tone for a march that would focus acutely on genitalia at the expense of the transgender community,” writes Mic.com staff writer Marie Solis.

The signs referencing Trump’s infamous comments made on a hot mic during an Access Hollywood taping more than a decade ago were “too heteronormative,” transactivists said.

A survey of the 2010 census showed that only 1-in-2,400 adults have changed their first name from one sex to other sex.

Women’s March 2017 photo/ twitter (cropped)


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