Published On: Thu, Jan 3rd, 2019

Woman Finally Found Got Relief After Being in An Abusive Marriage for Seven Years

A woman told her story to a news reporter talking about how she had to go through an abusive marriage for 7 rough years. Currently residing in Burlington, Sophia told her story herself. She reported, “I did not want it to end till the very end just for the children.” She added, “I knew it was going to be my loss when it comes to the assets and children.”

Sophia, in her late 30’s was the only child. After the separation of her parents, she decided to move on and in a rush, married wrong. After buying the assets worth of $60,000 altogether, they were all decided to be named after the husband. “After six years of constant frustration and failure, all was lost for me, and sometimes it seemed like as it was forever.

She had her first child in the second year of marriage and the second in the 4th year. “I could have taken a step forward, but it was the children.” She said during an interview.

photo/ jessica45

It was all perfect in the first few years of marriage until the husband then started drinking more and started creating great chaos in a home on a daily basis. He lost his job and was unable to get any new. She had the burden of the whole family on her and had to take care of everything for 7 further years of marriage.

Very much tired and sick of everything, she yet did not want to get a divorce just because she did not want to create the same conditions for her children through which she had come up. After 2 years, he started abusing in the home and staying drunk the whole day and night.

“I tried going through it as much as I could, but after all those years, I had no energy.” His husband had strong references and connections with the lawyers. After she filed the divorce, he refused to follow up and did not want to give kids up under any circumstances. The case went on and on for more than 6 months, and she had lost almost all the hope.

“And he mentioned this very clearly he would not let it be easy for me in the very beginning.” After 6 months, Sophia decided to change her lawyers and contacted the family law Burlington. It was her 3rd law suite that she contacted in the last 6 months in the hope of some betterment.

Thanks to the decision that she made of choosing some other law firm, she won the case in less than a month: custody of her kids, a share of assets and stripes from the government to support her children.

“It all seemed lost to me, and I could not think about anything at that moment.” She added further, “All I then had in mind was to get my kids out of that house as soon as possible.”

Author: Sheikh Hazaifa

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