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Wish to Improve Essay Writing Skills? Find out How!

You’ve just seen the grades for the essay which you created a week ago and again it is “B” or even “C”. “B” means good but you wish to have a higher grade and you can’t understand what you do wrong! That is an ugly situation, especially when you understand that you deserve more. In very deed, it is possible to solve this issue because, in this scenario, your grade hinges on your writing skills and your ability to express your thoughts and ideas in a written form. 

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The key purpose of this review is to help you analyze your mistakes and take a look at your style of writing differently. You can even not realize that you fluff until someone rubs your nose in your mistakes. What are the most efficient techniques allowing you to become a more productive and professional writer just like one from Brainy Bro? What should you do to attain this goal? Having familiarized yourself with our recommendations, you’ll notice that your writing skills will take a quantum leap. 

Does Your Essay Comprise Repetitive Phrases? 

You may gloss over them but your essay may comprise too many mistakes. In sober fact, this technique is essential for any writer who is going to improve his skills in this area. Having done your creative assignment, you should read it once again and, in all likelihood, you’ll notice that it comprises a bunch of repetitive phrases. 

In some instances, it is really hard to avoid them but when you realize that your thoughts aren’t expressed or your ideas aren’t covered, you should search for synonyms. Don’t use one and the same phrase for several times or the targeted audience will think you are a lazy guy! 

Besides, if you read your essay and see that it comprises several sentences, repeating one another, you should shorten your writing. As a result, the essay is shorter but more laconic. 

If your text, article, essay or post comprises a myriad of phrases, which just repeat one and the same event or idea, your reader won’t read it until the end because they will get tired of too boring and repetitive narration. 

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Don’t Overuse Transitional Phrases 

Any academic assignment should be easy to read. Alternatively stated, you should use not only facts but transitional phrases as well. As a result, your essay or article will be smoother. Nevertheless, some academicians don’t understand when it is enough and try to pack each sentence with them. Transitional phrases can help you make your narration easier to read but when you apply these phrases far too frequently, that is not good. Your essay will be overloaded with them and very hard to read. Don’t use them in every sentence. Experienced writers recommend using transitions at the beginning of each paragraph (when you wish to stop describing one idea and gradually come to the other one). 

Use Online Tools Allowing You to Check Your Essays 

Are you searching for simple ways to find mistakes or check the readability? In current times, there are a bunch of different online tools allowing to do this for free. Before we analyze them, it is necessary to mention that they won’t substitute a manual proofreading. Otherwise stated, such apps don’t give more than the proofreading made by certified and sophisticated writers. Nevertheless, they offer great functionality allowing academicians to improve the text quality. 

Firstly, you can use Grammarly. This tool is not free and if you wish to test the whole functionality offered by the program, you need to buy the subscription. Even so, its free version is also useful. Having written your essay, you should insert it into this online editor. It will show you all grammar or spelling mistakes. The software also offers you to exchange some words. Sometimes, you read your essay and don’t see the mistakes. Don’t worry, the app sees them all! 

If you wish to check the style of writing, you should use the Hemingway test. It allows you to correct all errors of style. The software shows all too long sentences which are very hard to read. If you overuse Passive voice, the app will also show you this. Sometimes, students use too many adverbs to make their writing more expressive or brighter! If you overuse them, the app will show you this. In very deed, this is a powerful tool allowing collegers to delete all extra words and improve the readability of their essays. 

Develop Your Writing Habits 

You can’t write better if you don’t do this on an ongoing basis. The simplest rule you can use is to practice this skill. Try to write descriptive essays even when your teacher doesn’t ask you to do this. Create your own blog and write interesting and catching posts. Gradually, you’ll develop this skill, start creating essays of great quality or incredible blog posts. 

Create your own time schedule, plan your activities and find some time for writing. You should try to do this more often (at least 3-5 times per week). After a while, you’ll notice that your grades become higher and your teacher chants the praises more often. 

Always Create Drafts and Outlines 

You aren’t perfect at writing and you understand this. For that reason, you can’t just sit down and create an A-level essay from scratch. You need to process all resources, learn the theme well enough, start writing with drafts and always create an outline. Its key purpose is to lead you through writing. This is your plan of paper allowing you to mention all ideas one by one. As a result, you’ll be more organized! 

In some instances, you need to create several drafts and after that, create a good essay. Too much depends on your desire to develop the skill of writing, the subject area and spare time. 

One can cope with any difficulty if there is a desire to do this. If you wish to start writing better, you should create a plan for improving your skills and finally start turning it into reality! 

In some instances, you need a polished and perfect paper, but you have no time to do it by yourself. In this situation, qualified writers from professional custom writing agencies can assist you. Nevertheless, you can use this tip only if you are pressed for time or you wish to see how perfect essays look like. If your overarching priority is to do it by yourself, you should work on the development of this skill by yourself! 

Author: Vladislav Panasenko

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    The blog offers practical tips to improve essay writing skills. The author’s advice on avoiding repetition, using transitional phrases effectively, and utilizing online tools like Grammarly and the Hemingway test is commendable. The emphasis on developing writing habits and creating drafts and outlines is also valuable. Overall, a helpful and well-written blog.

  2. Website says:

    What type of writing skills you are talking about?

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