Published On: Fri, Dec 16th, 2016

Wisconsin recount: Trump gained votes, Jill Stein’s scam cost over $50K per corrected vote

The Green Party candidate’s scam worked: Jill Stein gained more votes in the Wisconsin recount, 66 to be precise, but also garnered a massive list of voters, donors and future fundraising outlets.

Wisconsin is officially a Trump victory as the New York mogul gained 131 more votes over Hillary Clinton. So, how much did this cost: Stein “essentially spent $53,030 per vote gained,” noted Epoch Times.

Yep, less than 500 votes were changed and the results are in. Sadly, Stein payment for the recount almost didn’t.

 2011 CPAC photo Gage Skidmore

2011 CPAC photo Gage Skidmore

Wisconsin Elections Commission attorney Nate Judnic reported at a commission meeting Wednesday that “the money almost did not come in.”

Judnic says state officials were working with banks and the Stein campaign to make sure the multi-million dollar wire transfer came in before the 4:30 p.m. deadline on Nov. 29. Judnic says confirmation of the wire transfer came at 4:26 p.m.—just four minutes to spare.

Wisconsin Elections Commission Chairman Mark Thomsen says, “It would have been a real mess if it came in at 4:31.”

Trump on Tuesday went to Wisconsin and spoke at a post-election victory rally.

“After all of this money was spent—by the Democrats, believe me, they were behind it, OK?—And the Green Party. Wonderful party,” he said at the rally.

“She got less than 1 percent, but she thought she was going to catch us,” Trump said, referring to Stein, who raised millions of dollars via an online fundraiser for the recount. Later, the Clinton campaign indicated that they would participate in the three-state recount effort.

“What did they spend: $3.5 million for 131 votes? That’s OK,” he said. “Tells you how important every single vote in America is,” Trump added.

won 1,405,284 votes — 22,748 more than Clinton.

“The biggest reason for these small differences between the unofficial results on election night, the counties’ original canvasses and the recount results is human error,” said Michael Haas, administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

“Some voters do not follow the instructions and mark their ballots correctly for the machines can count them.  In the tight deadlines to report the results, election officials make math mistakes, we forget things, we accidentally transpose numbers.”

Stein had argued that voting machines in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan were susceptible to hacking, but produced no evidence of wrongdoing.

“This recount was never about changing the outcome; it was about validating the vote and restoring confidence in our voting system to Americans across the country who have doubts,” Stein said in a written statement.

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