Published On: Sat, Apr 18th, 2015

Wisconsin HS history assignment: watch Islamic documentary, write an essay ‘pretend to be Muslim’

A Wisconsin high school is making headlines over an assignment for one of the history classes, an assignment which ultimately asks students to “pretend to be a Muslim.”

“Union Grove High School history teacher Beth Urban sent out an e-mail to students describing a future assignment where the student is asked to put themselves in the shoes of a Muslim,” begins the Wisconsin Daily Independent.

According to the e-mail obtained by popular radio show host Vicki McKenna, the students were to write a five paragraph essay pretending to be a Muslim. The student is asked to write about the daily struggles that they would face as a Muslim student in the United States. The e-mail goes on to remind the students that class has been watching documentaries that have the facts needed to write the essay.

Watch documentaries...learn and "pretend to be Muslim"  photo/ Abu Islam on TV

Watch documentaries…learn and “pretend to be Muslim” photo/ Abu Islam on TV

In this coverage, the author asks questions that the critics are now calling to be answered: “First of all, what documentaries were watched and who produced them?  The Middle East is known for producing several “documentaries” that are full of propaganda and anti-American sentiment.  Is that truly the type of video that our students should be exposed to?  Were there other videos shown to balance the debate on the subject?” the article continues.

“Is this assignment a conflict between separation of church and state?  There have been many documented cases of Christian students being denied the ability to pray in public school and today’s history books have been mostly stripped of Christian history.  Why is Christianity allowed to be shunned in our public schools while teachers are allowed to assign an assignment as religious based as this?”

The Gateway Pundit asks: “No word yet on whether future assignments might ask students to pretend they are Christian Copts or Jews living in Islamic countries.”

Fox News contributor Todd Starnes writes that ” I have been exposing the Islamafication of American public schools. The Muslim faith has been given accommodation while the Christian faith has been marginalized…Islamic advocates are waging what they call a stealth jihad in our school system. And if left unchecked, they will be successful in undermining the Judeo Christian values upon which our great country was founded.”

On Fox and Friends, Elisabeth Hasselbeck wondered, “Well some people were concerned, “Hey, did you do this for other religions, and what does this have to do in the role of a history class?”

Here’s the counter from Salon: “One of the great higher purposes of education should be to teach students to look at the world through different perspectives, to read “The Diary of a Young Girl” or “Reading Lolita in Tehran” and feel a connection to the lives of the authors — lives that were deeply informed by the attitudes about religion in their environments. I suspect that’s the kind of lesson Urban was attempting to impart, however imperfectly she went about it. To answer Elisabeth Hasselbeck, religion absolutely has a role in a history class. But you can talk about it without asking students to experience it.”

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