Published On: Tue, Apr 11th, 2023

Winter Outfit Ideas That Make The Cold Easier

As Winter weather is intense, everyone looks for ways to bundle up, stay warm, and sip a hot beverage. Many fashion-conscious shoppers wonder how to get creative with their Winter wardrobe to keep warm and look great. While some might feel comfortable simply putting back on all of their favorite outfits from last year, many are searching for fresh new looks to approach the holidays looking fabulous in unexpected ways. 

However, balancing comfort, coziness, and warmth with style, taste, and originality is not always effortless, and it is safe to say that we all want to look and feel our best while being protected from the elements. Furthermore, getting some great Winter outfits is what you need to feel confident and self-assured to approach all those daily reunions with grace and dignity. 

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Since Winter outfits are always of the utmost interest this time of year, let’s explore some ideas to make the cold weather easier to deal with while looking great. 

The Baggy Jeans and Button-Up Combo

If you are open to exploring a stripped-down, minimalist look this Winter, consider pairing baggy jeans with a warm, cozy button-up shirt with a thick wool coat. It is a simple combination with a pair of thick heels or boots that will give you the traction you need when stepping through the snow and ice. 

Easily pair a jean and wool coat combo with a warm hat or beanie, depending on whether you prefer to dress up or down the look. Neutral colors work great with this look. For example, a dark gray button-up, brown coat, black shoes, and washed-out jeans will have you looking effortlessly chic. 

However, if you want a bolder, more eye-catching look, this outfit can incorporate a flash of color.  For example, a salmon pink or purple button-up could perfectly complement a more neutrally colored brown coat. Conversely, a gray button-up goes well with a colorful jacket. The beauty of this simple outfit is that it has endless possibilities to boost your confidence and mindset.

Sweater with Chino Pants and Colorful Scarf

Another great look to keep you warm and stylish through the Winter is to pair some chino pants with a black sweater and a colorful scarf. This more modern look will have you feeling elegant and understated, with the scarf providing some pep and vitality to the ensemble. 

You can pair the chinos with thick black heels or boots to help track through snow and ice. Even better, a wool or cashmere scarf will significantly help your body maintain heat to make you comfortable commuting to work. 

A gold or colorful belt matching your scarf can be a great way to compliment this more subdued look and add some flair to your waistline. But, of course, your fashion stylist would approve!

Green Cargo Pants with a Black Sweater

Rocking a pair of green cargo pants with a black sweater is a great way to stay warm while keeping up with recent fashion trends. Green cargo pants with a flattering cut have come back into style in a big way, particularly for women. Pairing them with a more dressy black sweater is a great way to balance out their more rugged appeal. 

Completing the outfit with a pair of dress shoes is a perfect way to complete the look and bring the classic appeal of green cargo pants into the modern age. Considering that cargo pants have gone in and out of fashion over the years, and their rich history, initially worn by British military personnel, the holidays could be the perfect time to reinvent this classic bottom. 

Green cargo pants have a more classic charm than their blue or camo counterparts. For those that want to be even bolder, pair green cargo shorts with a brown sweater and a well-fitted camo jacket. Bringing cargo pants back to their roots is not for everyone, but for those who want to make a statement, they can be a great look. 

White Pants with a White Sweater and Beige Shoes

If you are ready for a Winter white-out, this outfit could be your choice. A pair of knit, wide-legged white pants with a loose, cozy white turtleneck might be just what you need to cozy up in the office or at home on Zoom calls. 

Pairing this all-white powerhouse with some classy beige shoes and a colorful beanie is the perfect way to complete the look. 

An all-white outfit can be a great way to bring out our natural features and complexion. What better time to rock this fun look than during the Winter season?

All in all, there is no shortage of options for fun Winter outfits that will keep you warm but prevent burnout throughout the holiday season. These ideas can offer you an excellent place to start and provide some holiday inspiration.

Author: Codrin Arsene

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