Published On: Fri, Apr 10th, 2020

Will The Covid-19 Lockdown Lead To More Divorces?

The lockdowns necessitated by the Covid-19 outbreak have already transformed daily life for many of us. With couples around the world being forced to spend extended periods of time in close proximity to one another without the ability to remove themselves from the situation, many have been anticipating a rise in divorces.

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Data From China

Data from China already suggests that there has been a rise in the number of divorces since lockdown and quarantine measures were put in place. Multiple cities across the country have reported record-breaking numbers of divorce applications for the beginning of March. The sudden influx of divorce applications has led to a backlog of cases, even with Chinese marriage registration centers processing more cases than ever before.

Will The US Follow Suit?

Of course, just because China has seen a rise in divorce cases, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the US will. There are important differences in the nature of the lockdown measures being taken in both countries. The Chinese government has enacted a much stricter lockdown of its citizens than the US has and this no doubt changes the psychological impact that the lockdown is having in each country.

However, US divorce lawyers are preparing for an influx of cases, which suggests that they believe that a similar effect on relationships will be observed in the US. With people being forced to spend every day in close proximity to one another, without the ability to go outside and remove themselves from any tension or arguments, it is perhaps unsurprising that divorce rates are expected to increase.

According to Steven Fernandez, a leading divorce attorney and founder of Fernandez & Karney, “it’s very possible that the divorce rates nationwide could jump once the lockdown ends. Married couples are required to spend a lot more time together, and that could deepen any fractures that already existed.”

The Dark Side Of Lockdown

News of rising divorce rates will come as no surprise to many people working in law enforcement or social services. There have already been some troubling reports of a surge in domestic violence incidents. Not only is everyone having to adjust to much more cramped and confined conditions, but many people are relying on alcohol to help them power through their lockdown. This is an explosive combination and the effects we are seeing now are inevitable.

People who are in an abusive relationship currently have no way of escaping their situation. With social distancing measures in place, the usual shelters and alternative accommodation options aren’t available. There are no easy solutions to this problem, but a focussed public awareness campaign advising people of how they can keep themselves safe and avoid potential conflict could help in many cases.

Baby Boom?

While divorce rates are rising, there are some couples who are enjoying their time together. And with a reported global shortage of condoms owing to widespread factory shutdowns, and a similar drop in production for many forms of female contraceptive pills, a baby boom at the end of all this is not out of the question.

Strict lockdown measures present a challenge for all of us, whether we live alone or with a spouse. Everyone processes these kinds of situations differently, some are able to weather the storm better than others. An increase in divorce rates was perhaps an inevitable consequence of the present situation, but the rate of the increase has surpassed many people’s expectations.

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