Will Christians embrace ‘Left Behind’ film with Nic Cage and Hollywood’s ‘spin’

Left Behind, the bestselling book series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, is a huge favorite for many Christians, especially Evangelicals and Hollywood’s 2014 adaptation of the story has many Christians concerned and many critics wondering how the target audience will respond.

Left Behind reboot movie posterThe incredible success of the History Channel miniseries The Bible illustrated that the Christian audience will support faith based projects they “believe” in.

And there is the rub.

2014’s Left  Behind stars Nicolas Cage, not exactly the role model Christian and a point of contention for some.

“I have said before that MANY Christians I know do not have ‘I Love Jesus’ bumper stickers and especially in the entertainment world, there are a lot of Christian actors who have chosen to keep their personal faith a private matter,” writer and producer Paul Lalonde said in December defending his star’s faith.

“So while you may wish that someone was vocal about their faith, we should be careful declaring who is a believer and who is not. That is between them and God.”

Hollywood is not supportive of faith based films, but 2014 will feature Noah by Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky, who proclaimed the film is “NOT a religious film” – more here.

Lalonde was even asked if the cast were Christians or this “was just another job.”

Will Russell Crowe and 'Noah' help or hurt other Hollywood adaptations from the Bible?

Will Russell Crowe and ‘Noah’ help or hurt other Hollywood adaptations from the Bible?

“It was hard REACHING actors — many agents did not want to share a faith-based script with their clients and that was the biggest challenge,” Lalonde responded. “Of those who actually saw the script though, I don’t think more than one or two actually turned it down for it’s Christian content. Some of the actors are believers. Some are evangelical and outspoken believers and others are believers in their private but not public lives. I will leave it up to them to decide what they share with their fans.”

Not exactly a comforting story for skeptical fans.

Noah arrives in March and if the film is viewed as “insulting” to Noah, scripture or their religion, you can expect Christians to avoid Left Behind, no matter how Nic Cage’s faith is spun.

The film is directed by Vic Armstrong, the famous stunt coordinator and stunt double, and the script was written by Paul Lalonde, John Patus based the novels.

Cage stars as Rayford Steele with Lea Thompson as his wife Irene. Hattie Durham is played by Nicky Whelan with Jordin Sparks, Quinton Aaron, Martin Klebba, Cassi Thomson and William Ragsdale also starring.

Left Behind arrives in theaters June 19, 2014.

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  1. lovemydesignergenes says:

    I look forward to the new Left Behind movie. Admiring Cage as a quality actor. I hope he considers following the Lord, but what he owes this movie is simply…his best acting job. (Which most likely is what we will get.)

    Message to “Hollywood” is simple here…

    Get the faith part right. Embody it in a quality production.

    Do not preach postmodern values thru the lips of faith characters…your audience will indeed notice and most will…run away.

  2. VL Knutsen says:

    Most people don’t expect (or demand) that actors in the new Left Behind film be Christian. If they do the part well…are true to their character…and if the script, production, direction, etc. are done well, they have done their job well.

    I do hope, tho, that Cage and the other actors seriously consider the Bible!

    The 20th century Renaissance woman Dorothy L. Sayers (a mystery writer, Dante Scholar, speaker…and religious playwright) wrote some religious plays and basically asked that the actors be skilled at their work…She did not require a personal faith in the Lord. Her only caveat (so I read) was that they not be so publicly notorious in other areas…that it might distract from the play. Otherwise, she simply wanted skilled actors.

    Why have so many Christians (notably of many denominations) liked “The Bible”…”Passion of the Christ”??? These professional level productions also stay true to the essence of the Christian message.

    Message to “Hollywood” is simple here…

    Get the faith part right. Embody it in a quality production.

    Do not preach postmodern values thru the lips of faith characters…your audience will indeed notice and most will…run away.

  3. D.L. Kennedy says:

    I wish Christians would be less judgmental and not so prone to speaking in “Christian-ese”. They have no idea what a hindrance they are being to the gospel. I’ve followed the Left Behind Reboot page at FB for awhile, and many of the Christians there come across as harsh, unloving, and unkind. Much of what they post is just plain embarrassing. Those aren’t exactly “selling” points for non-believers. Many people would follow Christ if it weren’t for Christians. Thank goodness for ministries like RBC and John Ankerberg. They show a side of Christianity that is rarely seen… thoughtful, humble, intelligent. Such scarcity is sad because that’s what Christianity should always look like.

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