Published On: Fri, Aug 28th, 2020

Why Your Juices Need to Be Cold Pressed

Juice is a great way of getting your daily intake of fruits and veggies up. One misconception about juice is that all juicing techniques are the same but in reality this is far from the truth. Typical standard juice that has a long shelf life undergoes a process known as pasteurization. This technique utilizes high heat to kill microorganisms within the juice. While the upside to this is a much longer shelf life, these pasteurized juices contain less of the usable forms of vitamins and minerals when compared to the fruit they come from. The high heat has a negative side effect of denaturing some of the proteins and other nutritional qualities of the juice. In this way pasteurized juices do not offer the same nutritional value that the fruit itself does. A process known as cold pressed juice is the solution to this conundrum by simply extracting the juice straight from the source without the utilization of heat. This offers the most nutrition per ounce of juice. Below is a breakdown of 3 reasons your juices need to be cold pressed.


Taste is a subjective matter as many people have different taste profiles and appreciate different tastes. Cold pressed juice is one of those items where some people really enjoy the flavor over ordinary juices over cold pressed while some enjoy cold pressed over the pasteurized juice. Ultimately cold pressed juice will give the realest flavor profile of the juices that they are derived from as there is no intermediate step that can alter the flavoring of the juice. With pasteurized the high heat discussed above can decrease certain flavors present in the juice as the heat can denature the specific taste molecule. These molecules that are denatured are what makes a difference between the two juicing techniques. If you want the natural and fresh taste of the foods that the juice is derived from, cold pressed is the way to go. 


Cold pressed juice as described above is packed full of vitamins, minerals, and all the nutrition of the original fruits and vegetables. A juice is much more convenient than eating pounds of fruit and veggies to obtain the nutritional benefits of eating a plant based diet. Most cold pressed drinks are made of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and allows for a wide variety of nutritious foods to be consumed at the same time. A good cold pressed juice will not add water to the concoction as it reduces the vitamin and nutrition density of the drink. Drinks with no added water make the drink more potent and ultimately you get more nutrition for the money. Cold pressed juices are typically more expensive when compared to the commercially available pasteurized juice but this is due mainly to shelf life. Cold pressed juices typically only last a couple of days where pasteurized juice can last weeks. While this may seem like a drawback, it is simply a part of eating a clean and fresh diet which is arguably much better from a health perspective. Cold pressed juices contain all the natural microorganisms found in fruit which play an important role in the microbiome of the human body. Pasteurized juices eliminate these microorganisms and often add preservatives like sugar to keep shelf life longer. Cold pressed juices typically have no added sugar and keep the juice in its natural state which is healthier and better for the body. 


Juice cleanses are a popular way in which people can reset their digestion in a safe and easy way. By restricting consumption to cold pressed juice people are able to wean off of dependence for unhealthy food options and even caffeine. While these items taste good, eating them out of moderation can increase the likelihood of developing weight associated illness. Cold pressed green juice cleanses force people to adopt a plant based diet for a period of time which is easy on the gastrointestinal system. The juice form allows for the nutrients to be more easily absorbed by the intestines. Cold pressed juices are preferred to standard pasteurized juices as they are packed much more densely with nutrients. Additionally cold pressed juice mixtures allow people to get servings of fruit and veggies in the same bottle as opposed to typical pasteurized juices that are just fruit juice often accompanied with added sugar and preservatives. 

Overall your juices need to be cold pressed because of their health benefits, their taste, and their usefulness in cleanses. Cold pressed juices are the closest thing to eating a whole plant based diet without all of the prep work and hassle. With the ease of grabbing a bottle it eliminates the excuse of not having enough time to eat healthy. With many different cleanses and package deals available, cold pressed juices can fit into anybody’s lifestyle and flavor profile.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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