Published On: Fri, Aug 28th, 2020

Why Your Cat Needs Pet Insurance?

Cats have been great household companions since ancient egypt. In the United States cats were initially introduced by households to control pests like rats, and other vermin. Slowly the fluffy and warm heart nature of cats made families fall in love with them and bring them into the house as indoor cats. Outdoor cats are still used today but with much smaller percent utilizations. Most cats today are kept indoors as furry companions and in these times of uncertainty they are becoming increasing popular. Cats are very self sufficient when compared to other common household pets and are a great addition to households that can benefit from a little extra time on their hands. Both indoor and outdoor cats can face unique health concerns and can end up costing a lot of money and heartache for owners. Getting pet insurance for your cat no matter their age, gender, or lifestyle can significantly lessen the need to worry about the cost of care for your feline companion. As the sole caretaker of your cat, it is important to always have their interest and health at the front of your mind and pet insurance allows this to be a reality. 

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Just like humans, the early stages of life for any pet is a critical time for development. This is also an incredibly vulnerable time for many species where they are vulnerable to a whole world of new things and some of which can be potentially harmful. These include parasites like fleas, intestinal worms, and even ear mites. Not only are they susceptible to parasites, but kittens are also more susceptible to viruses that can lead to further health degradation overtime like feline immunodeficiency virus as well as the feline leukemia virus. Most of the issues described above are addressed in the first visits to the veterinary office where all of these items are tested for and vaccinated and medicated against. Some pet insurances will cover these routine preventative visits as well as some vaccines, and prescribed medication. This is a large reason you should consider getting pet insurance for your young cat. Being able to prevent health issues before they occur is crucial in ensuring a good quality of life for your cat. The susceptibility to these diseases is most common in the early stages of life as they do not have the immunity built up to defend against them. As they age these issues can become less likely as they become vaccinated and build immunity toward them. 

Full Grown

Full grown cats are still susceptible to the same issues described above but are not as vulnerable as kittens as their immune system is fully developed and are better equipped to fight off infection and parasites. With routine vet check ups and vaccinations full grown cats have a very low likelihood of developing parasitic or preventable viral infections. Both indoor and outdoor cats in this age bracket are most susceptible to accidents as cats are naturally inquisitive and curious about the world. Hard falls and potential accidents are hard to deal with and the bills that accompany them can be equally difficult for a family to deal with. A broken bone for a cat can cost thousands in care, procedures, and medications and can be difficult to pay for as a pet owner. Pet insurance is an easy way to ensure you will always be able to pay for these accidental needs for health care for your pet. This peace of mind allows owners to let their cats be curious about the word without being helicopter owners that try to shield the cat from any and all risk. 


Senior cats much like humans often require some sort of healthcare intervention whether that is as simple as a healthier diet to reduce weight, or medications to deal with chronic issues. Senior and geriatric cats can rack up quite a hefty bill with chronic conditions. Pet insurance gives the longtime owner of the cat the ability to give their long time friend a comfortable and good quality of life in their final years. Some pet insurances will even cover prescriptions which can end up costing quite a bit. 

Overall pet insurance gives pet owners a peace of mind knowing that whatever life throws at their furry friend that they will be able to cover the costs of treatment. The peace of mind pet insurance gives to cat owners allows them to concentrate more on spending good quality time with their pet and less time worrying about the finances of potential health bills. Pet insurance eliminates the unnecessary need to give a pet up for adoption due to the inability to care for them. By paying a monthly fee and small deductible owners are able to get any and all necessary treatment for their cat no matter their age or health status.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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