Published On: Sat, Oct 12th, 2019

Why You Should Get Involved in Sports at Duke University Like Carter Boyle Duke

University is a place of not just academic activity but is also a place for personal development on the part of students and this is why when entering University, you should strive to not only stay on top of your classes and make the best grades possible but also to develop yourself as an individual and one of the ways to do this is by getting involved in sports if you are attending Duke University.

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On the surface, some students might not see the benefit of getting involved in sports while at University but there are a plethora of them that range from health to personal development to even personal achievement and should you find yourself at Duke, consider getting into sports for the following reasons.



  • Strengthening school ties (Such as Carter Boyle Duke): Many people are very proud of their University of choice years after leaving and one of the reasons for this is developing a strong tie to the institution by social activities, academic work on so on. An example of this is Carter Boyle Duke, a University student who is very passionate about Duke basketball and other sports because he got involved during his time there. As such, getting involved in sports while at Duke could be a way to embed yourself into university culture and will instill a sense of school pride that will linger long after you have left the institution.
  • Health: University can prove to be a stressful time in a person life because they may be inundated with the amount of academic work they will have to undergo and as such, it is best to keep yourself on top of your health to avoid breakdowns, particularly during very intensive periods of the academic year. Besides diet, one of the best ways to keep in good health is to engage in a healthy amount of exercise and this can be done by getting involved in various sporting activities within the school whether you are a freshman or a senior. When you arrive on campus, look into the various clubs and associations that are sports-related on campus and choose the one you feel you might be interested in.
  • Making friends: One of the most daunting parts of adjusting to university life is making friends and creating a strong social network that will help you navigate your time at University. One of the easiest ways to make friends is to get involved in some sort of activity that brings a group of people together such as sports. This way, you will have friends and teammates as well as a social network that can last years after you have left University. To improve your social life, consider getting involved in a sporting activity.
  • Personal accomplishment: While you can choose to get into sports purely for personal enjoyment, you could choose to join a sports team that will let you compete professionally during your time at Duke and this could give a sense of personal pride and accomplishment and could also boost one’s career prospects within different fields.



There are many reasons to get involved in sports during your time at Duke University and some of these are above. Consider the above reasons and get involved as soon as possible.

Author: James Daniel

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