Published On: Thu, Mar 15th, 2018

Why you should consider Renting a Vehicle

Car rental services rent out automobiles for specified periods of time, which usually range from hours to weeks. This type of service can be organized by various local branches that enable users to return cars to other locations. Car rentals are mainly situated near busy areas or airports and are often linked to websites that facilitate online bookings.

Customer Base

Car rental services primarily cater to people who need a vehicle on a temporary or short-term basis. These include owners of destroyed or damaged vehicles who are waiting for insurance compensation or repairs, travelers leaving town or individuals who do not own cars. Car rental services are also available for industrial needs and can rent trucks or vans.

Other vehicles like scooters and motorcycles may be offered. Along with the basic provisions of a renting a vehicle, some companies also offer extras such as child safety belts, Wi-Fi, entertainment systems, navigations systems and insurance.


Fleet Vehicles

Car rental companies typically operate by leasing or purchasing fleet vehicles that they rent to customers for a certain fee. The structure of rental fleets varies, including outright ownership, leasing ands repurchase terms.

Different Vehicles

  • Many car rental services offer a wide range of vehicles and sizes to accommodate different space requirements and budgets. Some also provide specialized vehicles that are suitable for their locations such as passenger vans, SUVs, luxury models and convertibles.
  • Within larger cities at major airports, some rental companies provide high-end models for rent.
  • Older vehicles are often offered by a number of specialized companies at reduced prices. Click here for Orlando airport transportation.

Terms and Conditions

  • Car rentals are based on various conditions that vary among companies and regions. The vehicle should ideally be returned in the same or original condition that it had been rented in.  Additional fees may be incurred if mileage restrictions are exceeded.
  • For insurance purposes, some agencies stipulate a maximum or minimum rental age. Generally, users are required to possess a valid driver’s license to rent a car and an international driver’s permit may be required in some countries.
  • Many car rental services require a credit card for the purpose of charging extra fees in case a defect is found in the vehicle when it is returned or issues such as missing fuel, fines and tolls. A substantial cash deposit may be required if a credit card is not being used. Debit cards are permitted by some companies for deposits, usually with proof of a train, bus or airline round-trip ticket.  


  • Car rental companies are expected to provide minimum liability coverage in accordance with state law unless the driver will be solely responsible Insurance covers third party costs if an accident occurs. It is illegal to drive a vehicle without liability coverage in most states.
  • Rental car services maintain liability insurance and some companies may charge for this if you do not provide insurance. When renting a car, various forms of optional insurance are offered at an additional cost.
  • Specific coverage that is offered varies substantially and depends on factors such as the country, state or company in which the rental service is provided.

Author: Charlie Brown

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