Published On: Sat, Aug 29th, 2020

Why You Need a Custom Mat

Just because a new customer walks in through the doors of your business today doesn’t mean you are ever going to see them again. Whether or not that occurs is all up to how good of a first impression you make the first time around. 

Take control of the memory that clients will have when they encounter your business from their very first footstep in your establishment with custom mats. Find out how customized floor mats can assist you in creating that unforgettable first impression that will last for years and years by learning why you need a custom mat.

Fusion Vinyl Loop Logo Mats 

Before we explain the benefits of having custom doormats for your company, what types of entrance mats do businesses have created for themselves? Fusion vinyl loop logo mats are custom all-weather outdoor logo mats made of 100% extruded-vinyl random loop mesh, offering traction to remove excessive dirt and water from footwear. 

Buying a vinyl loop mat is perfect for locations where water and moisture aren’t too far away, success at fitness centers and grocery stores. Also, logo floor mats are like a visual handshake when people enter your establishment, fusing your company’s insignia in their memory bank and setting the tone for the interaction that follows. 

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Message Mats 

If you feel like your company logo is a little too stiff to make a strong enough impact at your entrance, consider having a customized mat made especially to grab potential customer’s undivided attention. Give them all something to talk about with an eye-catching flair. Maybe people already know your logo, so you want to give them some imaginative use of images that reflect your products or a masterful use of imagery to make people curious to see what you have in store for them in your store. 

Message mats are a fantastic way to make people pay attention by making a statement that raises a question that your products and services have the answer to. The message on your custom floor mat could be your company’s motto or mission statement. Find a way to activate the curiosity of a complete stranger immediately with your message. 

Make Your Mark with Your Marketing 

Market your company logo and brand utilizing the physical presence of custom entrance mats. This is your chance to catch people off guard on a physical level. Help them make an impulse decision to come check out your company. 

This isn’t the internet where people get lost in the billions of online distractions, all vying for their precious time simultaneously. You have real people casually walking right in front of your organization in real-time. Grab them right away with your custom doormat. 

If you are operating your business out of an office that has a waiting area, you definitely need a custom mat for visitors that are entering a waiting room or a reception area. Not only do you want them to not slip across the floor after getting soaking wet in a rainstorm, but they have the time to stop and admire your mat’s message and imagery. 

Show Some Personality 

Why settle for off-the-shelf colors and designs for a floor rug that everybody has access to? Custom mats put you in the driver’s seat to control the direction that their look and feel travels into to enhance your customer’s experience with your business. 

Don’t just let people walk all over the mats; give them a reason to pay attention to them by Injecting some personality into their style. Find a way to be both pleasurable and professional with your customized floor mat because they invoke the personality of your business. 

If you are an upbeat, fun, friendly, social location, your floor mat may be gleaming with bright colors. If you provide serious, technically sound advice and services, your floor mat can put people at ease with more mature shades of grey and blue.

If people are already aware of what your logo is, having it sitting right there to greet their feet may remind them of where this is where they need to be. If they are new to the whole experience that you provide your trusted customers, here is your chance to give them a mental reminder of who you are. 

Precise Shapes and Sizes

Don’t be forced to shove your mat in a place where it won’t fit. Let it fit right in from the very beginning by customizing it to the exact measurements of where it will be placed. Sometimes your space may be formulated in a strange shape. Standard shape mats will only put you in a position to have to trim them later or remain stuck with what you receive. Save yourself the trouble by ordering custom-designed floor mats.

The next choice you need to make now is exactly what custom design sums up your business the best so that you can maximize the impact your custom mats will have.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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