Published On: Sat, Dec 15th, 2018

Why You Must Opt for CompTIA Security Training To Fulfill Your IT Dream

One of the most effective ways of climbing the IT ladder is by getting certified in the areas of your choice. An IT professional could be looking for certifications in areas such as systems administration, computer security, or server environment for showcasing his proficiency and expertise. Let us discuss some of the most sought after and prestigious CompTIA certifications that could transform you into a fabulous asset to any IT organization.

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As per https://www.forbes.com, “Honorable mentions include Cisco and CompTIA certifications, including CompTIA+ Security which pays an average salary of $89,147. CompTIA A+ certifications pay $79,877; CompTIA Network+ certifications pay $81,601, and Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching, $83,945.”

There are several certifications for individuals looking for a career in cybersecurity. However, CompTIA+ Training is the right choice for you as it promises a host of benefits right from career pathways to financial benefits and instant industry recognition. CompTIA training is the right choice for an IT professional, who means serious business and is keen about building a solid base in the IT sector.

CompTIA Security+ Certification & Training

If you are looking for a brilliant career in network security, it is best to start fully-equipped with a CompTIA Security+ certification. Network security is supposed to be one of the most in-demand and rapidly growing specializations in Information Technology. By passing the CompTIA Security+ Certification you would be able to demonstrate the fact that you are proficient in security, network infrastructure, access control, and organization security.

Security+ is a huge advancement on your Network+ certification because it effectively builds on networking by concentrating on the core facets of security. Today, we know that there is an extremely high demand for IT security specialists and that is chiefly because of the fact that there has been an increase in the threats and risks involving computer security. With a robust knowledge of networking security and proficiency in networking itself, you would prove to be a real asset to any IT company. Here are some reasons to complete the CompTIA Security + training.

Get a Good Salary

An IT professional having this training could be expecting an average salary that ranges from $42,128 to $95,829. Your overall experience, training, and the accreditation would be dictating your salary and other terms. If you are able to gather a solid five years of experience in this sector, you could be getting a salary of about $66,887 per year.

Your Services Are Hugely in Demand

All leading organizations are looking for people with solid educational background and reputed certifications like CompTIA Security+ certified training course. If you have achieved the certification and completed the training successfully, you would be an asset for all organizations to handle security tasks and network administration. The host of services that you could provide would include the Application, Compliance & Operational Security, Data & Host Security, Threats & Vulnerabilities, Identity Management, Access Control, and Cryptography.

CompTIA Security+ Is Regarded as the Industry Standard

The CompTIA Security+ training is regarded as the industry standard and is supposed to be a mandatory foundational security certification associated with Cybersecurity.

This training course has been created and designed by the CompTIA, (Computing Technology Industry Association); the CompTIA Security+ certification has been accredited by ANSI. If you have passed this course it is evidence that you are capable of applying skills, knowledge, and attributes essential to comply with ISO 17024 Standard.


There are a plenty of other reasons why you must seek a CompTIA Security + training. We have just discussed the most important reasons to get the certifications. However, you could work anywhere across the U.S.A. if you have completed this training as it is accepted and recognized universally across The United States. Moreover, it is a vendor-neutral training course and so you do not need to focus on the technology and security of just one specific vendor. You could carry on focusing on Cybersecurity in general.

Author: Charlie Brown

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