Published On: Mon, Jul 8th, 2019

Why You Must Know About the Sexual Harassment law?

By Daisy Bell

Everyone knows that sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination. There are various examples of this type of sexual harassment that you might already have observed in the workplace. It is also probable that it might not have been uncovered until a pattern of abuse was established, while in many other instances it can be quite apparent to anyone around. Sometimes, it can be a single incident while at other times, it might be regular and consistent behavior directed at a certain colleague, a compilation of many types of incidents that create a hostile work environment. This abuse does not necessarily have to be overtly sexual, but can be microaggressions or explicit comments aimed at a gender, which create conflict and aim to intimidate others. 

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The harasser can be anyone, he might be your boss, client, vendor or a co-worker. Also, the conduct does not have to be sexual in nature, it might also include various offensive remarks about another’s sexuality or sexual orientation or simply comments on one’s physicality that’s inappropriate. These can be sexist remarks that over time add up, and mentally torture and victimize a person. In case you have been victimized, consulting an adept sexual harassment attorney becomes and important first step to take. Someone who has been a victim of sexual harassment should visit and consult with a sexual harassment lawyer, especially if the abuse happens in the workplace. You might suffer from various anxieties,, destructive emotions, feel anger, have low self-esteem, and even be living in fear of losing your job. It could be related as to why certain people are receiving poor performance reviews and demotions. Naturally, the situation worsens when the person harassing you is senior to you in position and holds certain power over you professionally. But the situation is not hopeless and it’s possible to take appropriate and timely legal action against the culprit with the help of a reputable sexual harassment law firm. 

If you are searching for a sexual harassment attorney in San Francisco, you can trust that Dhillon Law Group is here to help you. Dhillon Law Group’s sexual discrimination and workplace sexual harassment attorneys can help you understand your legal position and determine the best course of action to get the justice you deserve. There are various employment harassment lawyers that will help you in getting the best advice, suggestions and recommendations. At Dhillon Law Group, we have helped recover physical, emotional and financial losses for victims of sexual harassment in the workplace.  We have a dedicated team of experienced and skilled sexual harassment attorneys in San Francisco who will not only help you seek claims but also protect your dignity and reputation throughout the process.

Some common forms of harassment are:

  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment, such as a demand for sexual favors in exchange for an employment benefit (such as a raise, or getting/keeping your job)
  • Sexual favoritism – sleeping with a supervisor to get better treatment in the workplace
  • Sexual content visible to others or shared with you
  • Denied or reduced pay raises because you refused to go along with the sexual harassment
  • Staring, or suggestive looks or using sexually explicit language
  • Unwanted phone calls, emails, text messaging and instant messaging
  • Inappropriate touching, unwelcome physical proximity
  • Lewd language or dirty jokes
  • Termination because of your reports of harassment or refusal of unwanted attention

What can you do about sexual harassment?

Dhillon Law Group has extensive experience in representing employees who are subjected to unwanted sexual advances and misconduct in their workplace, and has successfully taken on private employers and the government in similar cases. If you are interested in learning more about sexual harassment attorneys in San Francisco, please contact us for a complimentary, confidential consultation. Most of these cases settle privately before a lawsuit is filed, and depending on the situation, there may be ways to protect your identity from the public. The law also protects you from retaliation if you report and pursue claims of sexual harassment.

We understand the sensitivity of sexual harassment cases and strongly encourage you to consult with us sooner rather than later and inquire about your options, the legal process and our commitment to protecting our clients’ identity and dignity.

Dhillon Law Group is one of the best known and most reputable sexual harassment law firms, providing legal representation and guidance on sexual assault and sex offenses in the workplace. Our professional sexual harassment lawyers are well-versed in employment laws and lawsuits in California. If you’d like a confidential consultation about your case, please contact our sexual harassment defense attorneys today. Don’t let the abuse continue.

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