Published On: Thu, Mar 1st, 2012

Why we should be thanking Andrew Breitbart


Love him, hate, respect him or not, Andrew Breitbart was bold, brash and determined as he took on the Obama administration and ACORN.

The Conservative blogger famously highjacked the Anthony Weiner press conferance after publishing lewd scandal photos.

At only 43, his death is shocking, unbelievable to some.

“So if Breitbart is really dead, his legacy is such that no one entirely believes reports of his death,” cartoonist Tom Tomorrow tweeted.

His life was an example of challenging the system, taking on cronyism and fraud in our government.

His death will reveal how his opponents think of him and feel about any of us who share a similar voice.

don’t let the lid hit you in the @#$%&!. – Rob

I don’t see any mention of how this racist s.o.b. got Shirley Sherrod fired by using an edited video! Coincidence perhaps? – ADKfellow

Big fatty conservative nasty man dies of a heart attack – big surprise. Probably made fun of anyone whe exercised or cared about diet. Like Limbaugh…  – Moderate and Proud

You can’t have that much evil in your heart and expect to be seen by reasonable people as a benefit. Everybody keeps saying he will be missed. I can understand him being missed by his family, but others, really. Did you people admire his hatred and evil that much? That is just sick. He did enough and had to go. – DV Man

This is GREAT news for most Americans. I guess God has spoken and removed another P.O.S. This man was trash. – L’ Empereur du Pole Nord

Happy days. Lets have a party! To bad there are lots more just like him. – Northern Lights

This piece of @!$%# of @!$%# only deserves the same @!$%# he heaved on other people when they died. I am having a truck full of manure delivered to his house later today in lieu of flowers. I wonder what drugs this piece of dung was doing that caused his death ? – phusi

There are people that mourned the death of Hitler. There are people that mourned the death of Musellini. There are people that mourned the death of Rasputin. There are people that mourned the death of Senator McCarthy. There are people that felt badly for Rush Limbaugh when he got busted for drug use. Andrew Breitbart will be missed by those people.  Go ahead. Expose yourselves by mourning a lying, evil White Supremacist. Open your mouths. All of you politicians who claim to be the voice of god and used Breitbart to promote or even direct your agenda, GO AHEAD – tell us how “god” is on your side, now. – Shut your yap

Seriously, the guy was a piece of s**t. I don’t understand this whole thing about liberals having to be civil. F** that dude. – robzombie on reddit

Cause of Death: The venom and poison he spat at others finally got to his heart and killed him. The hatred and lies he spread across this country made the entire nation a worse place for everybody to live. Because of this . . . I hope he died in great, agonizing pain. – wise cynic

Did they confirm that his head had been struck from his body, his mouth stuffed with garlic, and a large oak stake had been driven through his heart? ‘Cause otherwise, that fucker will rise again. Probably should set the body on fire as well, just to be sure. – workpuppy

There you have….liberal sensitivities.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/andrew-breitbart-dead-43-news-spread-quickly-twitter-users-questioned-a-hoax-article-1.1031318#ixzz1nt1EGcd9




What??? … In Memoriam: Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012) from politics

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