Published On: Mon, Apr 2nd, 2018

Why Video Content is the Future of Online Marketing

Nowadays, more and people are turning away from computers and laptops, and they are turning to mobile devices for their dose of daily entertainment. This transition has also lead to an abundance of video content, since most people can afford a smartphone with a decent camera. As such, video marketing has gained a lot of territory lately, and by the way things are looking, videos will likely be the future of online marketing.

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It has no boundaries

Unlike other marketing mediums, videos have no constrains. With the right tools and the right execution, you can literally transpose any story into a video. While the average internet user will only share basic videos with light editing, marketing professionals often turn to quality video effects in order to tell a brand’s story in a unique way. Obviously enough, the quality of the special effects matters greatly if you want to create a believable story. As such, it is important to work with the best video experts, like Augustus Films, the best VFX Company in Los Angeles.  Not only does video content has no boundaries in terms of the story it tells, but with most people constantly connected to their smartphones, video content can literally reach people anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.

It has the best ROI

You don’t have to create viral videos in order to maximize your ROI. Recent studies have shown that videos attract 3 times more visitors to a webpage, be they webinars, presentations, or any other type of video. However, there are indeed some videos that are likely to generate more engagement. We are talking about animated explainer videos. These videos are very well received, because they tell a story in a funny and creative way, stripping away everything that could cause confusion or boredom.

It’s versatile

Video content can be used in any marketing situation, whether you need to increase brand awareness, promote an event, reach new audiences, promote new products and so on. Not only that, but due to the fact that they are rich in information, videos tend to speed up a customer’s buying journey.

It’s sharable

People love to share everything on social media, so if you make a great video, your audience will be more than happy to share it. Unlike written content which requires time, marketing videos are short and to the point, so people are more confident that the videos they share will be viewed and maybe even appreciated by their own followers. When people share your videos, they become a sort of ambassadors for your brand, so you are basically getting free advertising.

Its effectiveness is already proven

If you are still not convinced, know that video content has already proven itself to be the most efficient type of online marketing. According to a Cisco study, videos will represent more than 80% of all internet traffic by 2019. Don’t trust projections? Well, according to other studies, videos can boost click-through rate by up to 300% for marketing emails, they increase conversions by 80% when used in landing pages, and 60% of company decision makers would much rather watch a video than read a presentation or a blog post.

Its more trustworthy

Quality videos require more effort and higher costs to be produced than plain articles which can be written by anyone in a matter of minutes. This makes audiences more likely to trust the information from a video, than from an article. Moreover, with webinars and tutorials, the human factor also has a big impact on trustworthiness and believability.

It is reshaping our society

Nowadays, you can learn almost anything from watching a video tutorial online. Moreover, classic conferences are slowly being replaced by webinars which offer the same benefits with less effort for the audience. Even the conventional educational system is slowly being pushed aside by online education. With virtual reality still being perfected, we can only dream of the ways that videos will shape our world in the future. However, if we know one thing for sure, that is that videos are here to stay, and as a marketer, you should learn how to use their potential as soon as possible.  

Author: Sumeet Manhas

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