Published On: Wed, May 16th, 2018

Why Video Chat Is Better Than a Movie in the Evening

Home alone… It’s not just a name of the movie for many people, but a reality. Living alone can be pleasant at the beginning. Nobody tells you what you need to do about the house, how to behave, etc. You are completely free. Though, this freedom starts to be boring after some time. What can you do in the evenings when you stay alone? Not so many things probably, for example:

– watch a movie or TV program;

– read a magazine or book;

– play with your pet (if you have any);

– play on the computer.

For many people, this list is limited to those simple issues. The evening can be long. If you already did something from the list mentioned above or those things stopped to please you, what can you do? The answer is simple – you can try video chat USA and get acquainted with some real person to spend time together.

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Advantages of Video Chat

Speaking with a real person is always pleasant. Of course, you need to overcome some barrier at first. Though, later you can become really close to the person you are speaking with. Sometimes, you can speak with a person that you meet in video chat about the things that you can’t say to your family or are not willing to discuss with your friends.

Don’t think that you are too shy for such things. On the contrary, you are not too much close to the person with who you are speaking (physically at least), so nobody will see some small details that can ruin impression if to meet in real – some spots on your T-shirt, not ideally ironed trousers, funny socks, etc.

However, you can become a rather close friend with your chat partner. You can discuss nearly everything as you are simply speaking. Imagine that you have just met a person and at the same time you can say to him or her all that you wish. It’s like if you found a treasure! You don’t know yet if your relationship will continue to real dating, no obligations yet, you are free! Free in everything you do or tell.

Moreover, the other person often comes to the chat conversation because he or she is suffering from the same problems as you do – loneliness, lack of attention from close relatives, etc. So you can find a partner that understands you and all your problems. Be yourself finally. That’s worth it.

Disadvantages of Watching TV

You can have plenty of favorite movies, and the new ones are appearing, but have you ever noticed:

– in which position are you sitting when watching television?

– how much can you eat if to put a plate near and you are fully concentrated on something that you are watching?

– how are your eyes tired after a long film?

One of the researches tells that the effects are not so harmful when you do something actively, including active conversation. Some people still prefer TV in the evening. But what do they get except bright pictures that are changing each other? You can get some relaxation but what to do if you are tired of relaxation and loneliness, if you are a communicative person by nature, or simply because you normally speak only at work about some job-related topics? Those are the situations when you understand that TV will never replace conversation!

Author: Julia Smith

photo/ Gerd Altmann

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