Why the Chinese want US ‘Gun Control’

“Chinese State Media Demands US Citizens Be Disarmed …The official Chinese government news agency, Xinhua, has demanded the US immediately adopt stricter gun control measures to reduce the number of firearms the US populace is permitted to possess. The Chinese state-controlled media’s statement, titled “Innocent Blood Demands No Delay for US Gun Control,” is primarily focused on the Newtown tragedy in which 26 Americans were killed by a mad gunman. Twenty of the victims were young children. The Chinese government stated, “Their blood and tears demand no delay for the U.S. gun control.” – Breitbart


photo David Shankbone

photo David Shankbone

Well, that’s no surprise.

All the more easily for anyone to invade/control the US once the financial collapse hits.

And truly, the Chinese are not the model for how society should be run..their model is Tyrannical, Statist, Repressive and has little regard for the life of its own citizens… so why should we even care  what the Chinese have to say?
Maybe we should demand that the Chinese stop killing their citizens in any number of ways (including forced abortion) – oh, right we have already done that and they ignored us. (wink)

Remember this quote?

 “You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.” – Japan’s Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

But the Daily Bell add their analysis:

Dominant Social Theme: The Chinese are rightfully concerned with US violence.

Free-Market Analysis: The Chinese have weighed in … Breitbart is reporting that the Chinese government is concerned about US gun violence (see above excerpt). This is notable because it tends to support certain dominant social themes we have noted before.

We do believe that the Chinese, like the Russians and the rest of the BRICs, are part of an effort to create global governance. The British – the City of London being an integral part of this larger effort – virtually ran China and India once upon a time.

While British influence has eroded among the civilian population, chances are the power elite behind past depredations remains quite influential with the political and military class.

There are suppositions that Western powers wanted communism to come to China in the form of Mao because that helped crush China’s unique culture and set the stage for the current quasi-capitalism that now engulfs China.

And as we have pointed out recently, both China and the US are converging on a new kind of sociopolitical and economic system that may mimic Germany’s National Socialism more than any other political paradigm.

For this reason, we’re not surprised top Chinese officials are calling for more gun control in the US. This suits the Chinese system, which is intended, we have no doubt, to more closely merge with European and North American systems over time.

The availability of guns is an impediment to totalitarian, fascism or whatever else the power elite has in mind. Here’s more from the Breitbart article:

The Chinese government states:

“The past six months have seen enough shooting rampages in the United States. Just three days ago, three people were shot dead at a shopping mall in Oregon. Two weeks ago, a football player shot his girlfriend dead and then committed suicide. Five months ago, 12 people were killed and 58 wounded in a shooting spree at a midnight screening of a Batman film in Colorado.”

The government went on to express a strong dislike of the National Rifle Association while also attacking the Republican Party as somehow complicit in the violence. Conversely, the article heaps praise on the Democratic Party …

The current Chinese government, the communist People’s Republic of China, was established in a revolution led by Mao Zedong, who killed an estimated 40-70 million people with starvation, executions, and re-education camps.

This last point is a very good one. If you are interested in the results of an unarmed populace, look no further than China’s Great Leap Forward under Mao.

Whether it is Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Russia, an unarmed population always invites the retaliation of tyrants. And we can also see that gun control does little to reduce violence statistically. Australian officials have been busy disarming their populace but violence is not down appreciably, as it is only law-abiding citizens that allow themselves to be disarmed. Criminals remain armed.

For those who believe as we do in directed history, the specter of aggressive efforts at gun confiscation is not a good sign. Those who are engaged in the promotion of world government are providing us with clear illustrations that they are willing to shed blood to attain it. These individuals and their surrogates practice the philosophy of “the end justifies the means.”

But just as importantly, if not more so, the opinion of Chinese officials regarding the positives of US gun control provide us with an insight as to how closely aligned US and Chinese leaders really are when it comes to sociopolitical and economic policies.

The world is being prepared for global government, in our view. The US is being brought down while other countries like the BRICs are being brought up.

The idea that China poses an existential threat to the West is no more convincing, in our view, than the idea that Islam is implacably opposed to Christianity and that a religious war is in the offing.

Conclusion: These are memes of the elite. They are phantasmagoria designed to distract us from the truth that is both more mundane and perhaps more dangerous.

No matter, we MUST NOT Give up our gun rights.

Gun Control is all about CONTROL.

The 2nd Amendment is NOT about hunting.. it IS aboutsafeguarding us all against Tyranny.
We MUST NOT allow the Sandy Hook/Newtown tragedy to be used to further a political agenda which seeks to weaken us and enslave us all to a global governing elite.

Bottomline – if China wants gun control in the US then I am against it – are YOU?

About the Author

Judy Aron lives with her husband Michael in CT. They have three grown children who were homeschooled and are now successfully pursuing careers. Judy earned her Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Magna Cum Laude, with minors in Business Administration and Computer Science from the State University of New York at New Paltz.

Judy has been involved in politics for over 15 years. Judy has written many articles on various aspects of education at home and in public and private schools. She has been published in magazines and online, and has been interviewed on radio and in print.

She served as Vice President of Connecticut Homeschool Network (CHN) and was their legislative liaison. She now serves as Research Director for National Home Education Legal Defense (NHELD) providing parents across the nation with important information on legislative issues concerning parental rights and education.

Judy is the author of the blog “Consent of the Governed“

Most recently, Judy has been involved in various organizations and efforts to Restore the Republic, End/Audit the Federal Reserve, and to educate the public about the issues regarding their Liberty and Freedom, and is working to put a halt to the erosion of our rights. Judy is a fan of Ayn Rand, Seinfeld, Star Trek, Peter Schiff, Judge Andrew Napolitano, The Founders, JPFO, Appleseed, Von Mises, John Taylor Gatto, Wallace and Gromit, Dick Heller and Ruger (not in that order).

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About the Author

- Judy Aron is the author of the Libertarian Blog "Consent of the Governed" Judy has been involved in politics for over 15 years. Judy has written many articles on various aspects of education at home and in public and private schools. She has been published in magazines and online, and has been interviewed on radio and in print.

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  1. cameo says:

    Our governors in every state gave China a large area of land (in some states several areas) to set up what they call a Foreign Trade Zone. Its small village like areas where they are under their own laws and soverignty.

  2. jake_leone says:

    Everyone should carry one gun, with one shot. Just like in revolutionary times. That way, when the bad guy comes around, we can all vote on whether he lives or dies.

    Guns today are massively better than the guns of the revolutionary times (when the 2nd amendment was created). Back then guns had one shot, were hard to load, and had low muzzle velocity.

    The number of bullets in a civilian clip does need to be limited.

    To counter an invasion, it would be far more effective to have mandatory military automatic weapons training for all young adults. Not a draft, but a 1-month camp where capable young adults learn to shoot and defend with effective field weapons.

    Definitely americans cannot give up their guns, it’s cultural. We do need to be able to use them in defense of the nation, let’s find a real way to effect this.

  3. ga ma says:

    I can’t believe some people actually believe the kind of speech you have here. “Right on”? China tries to control the US? Removing the guns from the hand of people doesn’t change the level of violence? I live in Europe, I know only one person who owns a gun : it’s in a safe that only he can open, I don’t even know of someone else who has even HELD a gun in it’s hand and I’ve never met someone who was hurt by a gun. It happens, of course. There are criminals or maniacs everywhere but not even close to the regularity or the scale that we see in the US (except for Brevik. He was european, alright).
    Living in a country without gun makes me unable to understand this point of view “a gun makes you safer”.

    And this idea that a country full of armed citizen is a rampart against tyranny? Where the heck did people get that? Evolution of state of minds is a rampart against tyranny, democracy, education, but guns? What do you think? That Chinese are going to invade the US and that the people will stand in front of them with their guns? None of that will happen. If the chinese are getting stronger, it’s economically or even socially on some aspects I suppose. Well, I suppose there is no point in arguing : our points of view are too different. But for 2 weeks, I see these kinds of discussion everywhere on the web and this one seemed so out of touch with my reality that I felt like commenting…

    • jonah sark says:

      well, you explained adequately enough what your “reality” is….a slave-mentality european. you are talking about americans here…stubborn, independent, fiercely resistant to being told what to do especially if it goes contrary to the constitution and bill of rights and it if is coming from outsiders. no sane person would ever allow themselves to be willingly placed in front of danger and i think its a sign of the times at how willing the sheeple are to submit to government “authority”. a gun represents the ability to have a fighting chance should anything or anyone dare to interfere with american lives. sovereignty is only real according to the extent to which you can defend it from being taken away from you…..in my opinion, i think the american govt (aka the enforcement arm of the bankers) is preparing for disarming the american public in anticipation of imminent & radical changes to american rights and freedoms that they fear will spark a revolution. china is the emerging superpower of the world….the so-called “first world” (uk, america, canada, europe) have sold their souls to china in the form of trade treaties and outsourcing american jobs to an oppressed chinese equivalent of slave laborers. you think i want china telling me how to live? hell no. and you can bet your european ass there are millions of americans who will lay down their lives to fight to make sure that happens and im not talking about the us military.

  4. johndillinger says:

    Right on..But unfortunately, these spoiled entitlement minded people will give up the gun for a BIG MAC.

    • ymbs says:

      You might be suprised how different groups of Americans would pull together against a common threat. Remember 911? The military is a good example of how different types and groups of people can pull together.



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