Published On: Thu, Mar 19th, 2020

Why should you shop for wholesale clothing?

Do you want to start your own clothing business? Or maybe you already have one and you are looking for a way to replenish your stocks? Whether your store is online or in-person, buying wholesale clothing is the best way to acquire unique clothes for your shop at a fair price. Shopping for wholesale clothing allows you to buy in bulk from knowledgeable, specialist suppliers, and thus quickly and affordably plenish your store. Here’s a breakdown of why you should stop retail buying, and shop wholesale clothing instead!

What exactly is wholesale?

Wholesalers are business owners who sell goods to other businesses or outlets which then go on to sell the product to the end-user. Unlike retailers, wholesalers do not sell in small quantities. They sell in bulk at a low price. For purchasers of wholesale goods, the whole idea of wholesale buying is to acquire a mass of products. The more you purchase, the lower the cost per item that you will end up having to pay. 


Buying bulk at trade prices is the most cost-effective way to source clothing items. Buying a large amount of products allows wholesalers to sell goods at lower prices. This means that you can add to your markup, and sell your goods for a decent profit. Unlike retail sellers who sell products to individual consumers, wholesalers, in quality and quantity and price, are specially equipped to sell for businesses and their scale of needs. When owning a store means a major portion of your revenue will go into buying products and marketing them, you want to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Large Selection

Another benefit of buying wholesale clothing merchandise is that you will find a large variety of goods. In some cases, you will buy pallets full of similar items, which can help you develop a cohesive selection of clothing for your patrons in different sizes. On the other hand, you will also have more opportunities to acquire new and different types of clothing that larger retailers may no longer sell. This will help you appeal to clients who are searching for clothes that you won’t see in just any large retail store. 

Competitive Edge

Shopping wholesale clothing carries the benefit of being able to compete with larger companies that may have bigger budgets. If you have a smaller scale business, you have to make sure you are being wise with your funds and putting items on the racks that will sell. When you buy wholesale, you will find that it will be easier to compete with companies that are larger than yours because you are able to sell name brand goods at lower prices. 

How do I buy wholesale?

After hearing the reasons why you should buy wholesale, you might be wondering how you can buy wholesale. The first step in buying wholesale clothing is to make sure you have the required permits and licenses to operate a clothing business. You should be sure to check your local and state laws before buying or reselling wholesale items. After you collect the proper paperwork, you can either buy wholesale goods in person or online. Some big cities, such as Los Angeles and Dallas, have in-person wholesale sites where you can purchase wholesale goods in bulk. Other wholesale suppliers list their stock online, and you may have your wholesale clothing shipped directly to you. 

From the cost-saving benefits and the large selection of products at your fingertips to the competitive edge given to your business, shopping wholesale clothing is the best way to find the right products at a decent price to build a successful enterprise.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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