Published On: Thu, May 17th, 2018

Why should people take care of nature?

Since the oldest times living things have interacted with the nature surrounding them. We are all aware that the habitats and livings of the earth are moulded by the environment. But are we aware on the impact every one of us has on the environment? Is the way it moulds us equal with the way we impact it? If you do not know to what extent you influence the environment then you should continue reading this article. And if you know, then you should continue reading too, because you may find some new things. It is time for people to be eco-conscious, and understand why it is important to care of nature.

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If you want to live healthy, then you should clean the environment

If people continue to not care about nature, in a few years the environment will become more polluted than it is now. What does this mean? It means that you will live in a world where humans have to cohabitate with toxins, contaminants, viruses and other harmful things that can have a negative impact on your health.

Health issues as asthma, health problems, premature mortality and bronchitis are caused by outdoor air pollution. Studies show that the indoor air of a house is four times more toxic than the outdoor environment. Only think about that!

In case you will get in contact with polluted water you can suffer from multiple gastrointestinal health conditions, neurological diseases and reproductive issues. You may think that all you have to do is to stay away from polluted water. But do you know if the water from the river near your house is polluted or not? Chances are it is, because nowadays we hardly can find waters that are not polluted. Actually, they are one of the main causes of marine life death. So do you want to be blamed by your children, than you had a role in marine species disappearance?

Yes, there are multiple mechanisms and systems that have the role to protect human kind from these issues, but what if they will fail to function one day? Would not be better to prevent pollution? If the nature is polluted and sick then people have not a single chance to exist.

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The temperatures are raising

Everyone noticed that there every year the temperatures are changing, and what to you may appear as a small change to the environment is a threat. Very few persons understand what the effects of these climatic patterns are. They are one of the factors that lead to devastating storms. If you have doubts, you should know that climate change and global warming are not simply film subjects, they are real threats for the nature.

Who is responsible for these changes? Well if you think thoroughly you will understand that we, humans are the ones to blame for destroying nature. Our activities have as side effects global warming and climate change. Many of the actions that have as purpose to improve our lifestyle generate greenhouse gas concentrations that are the main factor for the two above effects.

Climate change has a negative impact on the life of people, animals, water resources, forests and even water resources. If you want to create a healthy environment for your children to live in, then you should do your best to combat climate change. Yes a single person cannot take responsibility for changing something millions of people have done, but you can set an example.

Biodiversity has an important role

Do you know what biodiversity means? Biodiversity is the term used to refer to the variety of living things on Earth. Our activities can influence biodiversity in a negative manner. People have many of the basic necessities they need to survive thanks to biodiversity. We benefit from air, shelter, water and food because of it. Various species have formed natural processes throughout the years and if one day one of the species that it is at the base of one of these processes is extinct, a chain reaction can occur.

The effect is that environment loses biodiversity, and we are the ones that will feel the harsh effects of it. Our world can become a better place to live only if the diversity of life grows daily. We are not allowed to consider that a tiny part of biodiversity is priceless, because if we do not learn how to maintain it, humanity is the one that will suffer the effects.

Earth is our home

Do you leave trash all around the house? We all know that the answer is definitely no. So why would you consider that it is all right to throw garbage everywhere you go in nature? Miltek states that people do not realise that their home is not only the space they live, but also the surrounding nature, the forest, the river from the back of your house, and even the far away jungle. If you want to protect the environment then you should use compaction equipment for waste, because it is quite effective in protecting the environment. Your waste should not get out there. You should base your life on principles as recycling, reusing and reducing.

What can you do?

The first thing people have to do is to understand the problems nature faces right now. You do not have to be the owner of a multinational company in order to save our planet. You can do it by protecting your little piece of nature. If you are aware of the environmental issues people are dealing with right now, and you take some simple steps to save the Earth, then you will make a huge contribution. If every one of us would protect their little piece of nature, then we all together will be able to save our planet, and transform it into a healthier place for the future generations.

Lately environmental awareness was one of the subjects people started talking about. This means that humans managed somehow to find a way to fight together in order to obtain a greener planet.

Author: Cynthia Madison

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