Published On: Wed, May 29th, 2019

Why RX Glasses Are Still More Popular Than Contact Lenses

Although contacts provide that desired ‘glasses-free’ look for fashion forward people, glasses with corrective lenses have much more to offer. According to Vision Council of America, about 65 percent of population in the US still wear eyewear, whereas only 11 percent use contacts. Thus, there exists an array of reasons why wearing glasses may still be a viable choice for most people. In the same vein, this article dilates on key benefits that would make you want to choose eyeglasses on any day.

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  • Protection


They provide a solid layer over your eyes. Glasses protect you from any accidents involving foreign projectiles, debris or fine sediments. Conversely, your eyes are at a greater peril of sustaining injuries when you put on contacts. This holds true for people who are involved in sports or outdoor recreation who expose themselves to a multitude of hazards that induce harm.


  • Durability


Furthermore, you can enjoy shatter proof lens durability offered by many prescription safety glasses that are by made using polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic compound that boasts ten times stronger strength than normal glass or plastic. It ensures a stress free experience, especially if you work in an environment that contains multiple safety hazards.


  • Convenience


Taking off glasses is as easy as putting them on! There are no complicated approaches involved as opposed to wearing contacts. The latter requires you to conduct a series of painful steps beforehand such as rinsing them in a solution, finicky placement of the lens on the bottom part of your eye & then centering the lens by way of blinking a few times. Moreover, they also require exacting maintenance in order to prevent any infections to your eyes. Sure sounds like a lot of work!


  • Comfort


Wearing eyewear all day long doesn’t give rise to discomfort or irritation. Thus, if you are regularly involved in any activity that requires unwavering attention or focus, contacts are a no go. Contacts are a major cause of ‘dry eye syndrome’ as they require a lot of fluid to stay in position. Additionally, they restrict the amount of oxygen that enters the eye.

Cutting edge manufacturing methods have allowed vendors to create ergonomic eyewear that can be worn for longer hours without causing any discomfort or excessive pressure on your face. Just make sure you consult a certified optician for ascertaining correct measurements for your face.


  • Less Expensive


You don’t have to break the bank for safety glasses. A yearly cost of contact lenses can range from $500 to $700, which seems like a big-budget spend for the average person. In the long run, they also require visits to your ophthalmologists, thus resulting in more bills. Meanwhile, glasses are relatively much cheaper.


  • Versatility


They bring more variety to the table. Glasses come with bi-focal or progressive lenses that enhance their functionality. Furthermore, you can enjoy lens coating solutions such as Anti-scratch, anti-reflective & anti-fogging which adds to the overall user experience.

Source: https://www.thevisioncouncil.org/sites/default/files/Q415-Topline-Overview-Presentation-Stats-with-Notes-FINAL.PDF

Author: Daisy Bell


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