Published On: Fri, Mar 10th, 2017

Why Quitting Alcohol Alone Can Be Dangerous

Why Quitting Alcohol Alone Can Be Dangerous

Alcohol addiction is widespread and has a serious impact on the lives of people who are addicted and their families. People who are concerned about someone’s alcohol use may encourage the addict to quit, but often, quitting is not simple, and quitting alone may not be safe. Not only is it difficult to stop drinking suddenly, but symptoms can lead to intense physical and psychological reactions that require medical treatment. Chronic alcohol abuse can damage the liver and cause other problems, but withdrawal carries its own dangers. Anyone who has an alcohol problem or is close to someone who does should be aware of the issues surrounding withdrawal.


What Happens During Withdrawal

Alcohol is a depressive that slows down the body’s systems. One reason people decide they “need a drink” as a response to stress is that it forces the body and mind to relax. The difficulty with using alcohol for this reason, is that psychological dependence can develop as someone keeps drinking to deal with stress or other triggers. Physical addiction can develop and it may get to the point where someone who uses alcohol consistently may experience discomfort when they don’t drink. This discomfort may intensify into full-blown symptoms with the cessation of drinking.

People who are tempted to quit cold turkey may feel fine initially, but in a few hours or a day, the heartbeat may become irregular, they could shake, feel anxious or panicked. In severe cases, a person can experience seizures, heart attacks or strokes. Some people go back to drinking when they experience the shakes or feel their heart racing. This is a sign that it may not be safe for a person to consider stopping drinking on their own. It is imperative to seek the advice of a physician who can recommend an inpatient treatment center. Recovery Ranch has resources that can help people who want to stop drinking do so safely.

Detox Programs

Those who want to stop drinking safely on their own should see a doctor before attempting it. Even if alcohol abuse is less severe, there are likely to be withdrawal symptoms that can disrupt one’s usual routine for a few days or weeks. It may take months to completely rid the body of alcohol, and there is a chance that a person could relapse if they are in an environment where they have access to alcohol. Treatment is usually required to stop drinking and to stay off drinking for the long-term. Twelve step programs have helped many people stay sober, and individual therapy can also be effective.

For those who experience physical and psychological side effects when they don’t drink should consider treatment in an inpatient facility. Medical care may be required in the initial phase to ensure that withdrawal symptoms don’t lead to a medical emergency. These programs can last a month or several months to successfully help people recover from alcohol abuse. In addition to medical treatment, the patient is removed from opportunities to use alcohol and learns coping mechanisms to stay sober.

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  1. Jenelia says:

    Alcohol is a depressive that slows down the body’s systems so if the person trying to stop alcohol in one day then it will be dangerous for their body. Quitting alcohol takes time and it can recovery slowly


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