Published On: Sat, May 8th, 2021

Why Not We Move to The Traditional Kitchenware?

The method of cooking and utensils used are widely changed from the ancestors. We are in the need of everything in a quicker phase. The kitchenwares used in the olden days are chulhas, vessels made of earthenware, brass, iron, and Kansa are used. The chulhas are used as the cooking stove and used open fire to cook. Food that is cooked with these traditional vessels and chulhas is not only tasty and also has many health benefits.

The traditional cookwares are mostly made up of clay, brass, copper, and iron. Each and every cookware is specific for certain food making. It has its own taste and health benefits. Today’s kitchens are filled with plastics, non-sticks materials, and steel utensils. They are useful in preparing the food quicker but they are causing adverse effects on health. Still, in some of the rural areas, we can see people using old traditional cookware in their kitchen. 

Here some health benefits of traditional handmade kitchenware.


Add pleasant taste: Earthenware is considered the foremost traditional utensils in the Indian kitchen. The earthen pots are made up of alkaline nature clay. The alkaline in clay interacts with the food while cooking and keep the balanced pH level. It also contains various minerals such as iron, phosphorous, calcium, and magnesium. The food cooked with earthenware is very healthy and it spread a good aroma around your kitchen.

Good for the heart: It does not require an excessive amount of oil in cooking with clay pots. It reduces heart diseases by this way, that is excess oil increases your weight and will result in heart diseases. It is the best option for oil-less cooking items.

Retain the nutritive value of food and provide a pleasant aroma: The porous nature of the pots allows the heat and moisture to circulate evenly and properly during the cooking process. It helps in retaining more nutrition of food within itself than the food prepared from other utensils. The porous nature of clay pots and the slow cooking process give a true aroma and delicious taste.

Good for milk products: It is also the best cookware for milk products. It gives a special taste and pleasant aroma to the food with milk products. It is good for preparing tea or coffee with the earthenware to start a day with superb aroma tea or coffee.

Soapstone cookware

Cookwares with soapstone also retain the nutritive value of food and provide many health benefits. The soapstone cookware is made up of magnesium-rich rock found in the earth. The heat to the food is not transferred as like in modern steel utensils it is evenly distributed through the stone.

From the research, it is said that the minerals like calcium and magnesium from the stone are transferred to the food while cooking is good for health in the long run. These minerals neutralize the acidic level while cooking with spices and tamarind. It reduces the health issues like acid reflux and stomach burns.

Modern kitchenware is much faster but not as healthier as traditional kitchenware.

Author: Nataliya Stefanus

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