Published On: Thu, Feb 1st, 2018

Why Kids Shouldn’t Have Access To Loot Boxes

Loot boxes have become the next big thing for gaming in recent years. However, most would argue that there is absolutely no reason to call it a feature made for gamers’ enjoyment. It was made for the money and, subsequently, the developers’ enjoyment. Thousands of dollars are lost each year by gamers who think that trying their luck at loot boxes will give them the rewards they’re hoping for, and many of these gamers are younger than 18-years-old.

Naturally, if they’re younger than 18, they have every right to open these loot boxes in a game. But this may change soon as the idea of random-chance rewards systems requiring real money is being considered more like gambling, and children aren’t allowed to gamble. Regardless of what everyone else says, there are reasons why your kids shouldn’t be trying their luck rather than simply enjoying the game.

It Teaches Them Bad Habits That Could Lead to Gambling Addiction

According to psychologists, developers make these rewards systems exactly like slot machines. They advertise them as offering a certain chance to get each item, whereas they’re actually rigged to constantly reward the lowest tier items (resulting in a loss) and only rarely rendering the valuable item, if ever. Developers such as Blizzard are attempting to become more transparent in this regard, as TheBannerHerald.com explains, but there’s no telling for sure whether their claims are valid.

This would naturally result in your child wanting to spend more and more money on the loot box in hopes that they’ll get the item they want the next time. The sad irony here is that if they do win, they’ll feel even more motivated to continue spending. It’s a horrible cycle that could result in your children becoming addicted to real gambling in their adult life.

New Laws Could Make It Illegal

Petitions are being signed all over the world and being immediately fulfilled by thousands of gamers and disgruntled parents, pleading with the authorities to implement regulations for loot boxes in gaming. It’s becoming more and more apparent in developed parts of the world such as Europe, where new laws are already being drawn up. This is just another reason to avoid allowing your child to gamble.

Financial Loss

If their gaming account is tied to your credit card, you’ll be the one who has to pay the price for your child’s losses. If you’ve avoided that and your child is using their own account, it’s even worse. The last thing they should be spending their savings/earnings on is non-existent gaming items that will only leave them bored and frustrated. Your kids should be saving their money for their future and education or at least buying something tangible instead of taking their chances.


The simple solution? Avoid connecting any method of payment to the gaming accounts your child uses. Check your transaction history every now and then to ensure that your child hasn’t gotten hold of your credit card just to be sure. An even better solution would be to simply not purchase games with loot boxes in the first place.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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