Published On: Mon, Oct 26th, 2020

Why Jeeps Are So Popular For Ages 16 – 60

Jeep is one of the most iconic automobile brands in America and across the world. It is easily identifiable from a mile away thanks to the brand’s distinct design and style. Moreover, the brand boasts a diverse range of vehicle models, with their line of products focused mainly on luxury and sports utility vehicles.

Its most popular model, the Jeep Wrangler, has made the brand very famous and displays its success. Other models include the Renegade, Grand Cherokee, Compass, and Cherokee KL. These models are based on the brand’s legendary reputation right from 1945 when the first exclusive product was launched.

Today, the brand is a go-to automobile choice for many authentic Jeep users aged between 16 and 60. But why when there are other numerous rivalry brands in the market? In this article, we’ll discuss why Jeeps are a popular pick for this age group.


Jeeps automobile family has plenty of models than some brands available in the vehicle market. Although each of the models has a unique style and design, certain essential features make the brand easily identifiable. For instance, most Jeeps have boxy, practical style, grille, fenders, giant tires, and buffers, to name a few. In the 1960s, Jeep launched over fourteen new models to serve different needs, such as work, recreation, and sports.

The best part is, the brand has 75years of history, and that’s why it’s highly regarded as a renowned automobile family. In 2018, the company registered high sales of about 190 thousand vehicles around the world. Most credit goes to the Grand Cherokee, Compass, and Renegade models, which all played a significant role in Jeep’s success in the market in that year.

Moreover, the Jeep Compass acquired a newly redesigned look both in and out. Today, this model delivers well-designed on and off-road crossover vehicles, which most people love. That’s why the most Jeep models today have a stylized exterior with an open-air dual-pane sunroof.

What’s more, the Jeep automobiles come in multiple styles and tints. Therefore, you’ll not only find the best model, but also you can choose your favorite color. If you are looking for your fancy model, your Jeep dealers in Dayton Ohio have them all.


When it comes to choosing a vehicle, its performance on and off-road matters most. As for Jeep, the Wrangler is one of the most famous models the brand offers. Its performance on and off-road has been exceptionally improved. This is especially after integrating the Penstar V6 engine in the current generation of Jeeps.

Besides, the brand’s newest models, such as the JK, produced from 2007 to 2017, can keep up with traffic. The brand’s older models lacked the power to drive and compete on the highways because of the low-power engines used.

As for today’s most iconic Jeeps model, the on and off-road driving is a breeze. In other words, it can ride over any trails and terrains that most vehicles avoid by all means possible. Additionally, the Wranglers boasts a short wheelbase, reduced front, and rear overhangs. You’ll also find them with excellent ground clearance, which provides an impressive tactic, exit, and break-over angles. As a result, off-road riding becomes super easy and comfortable.

Furthermore, it combines a solid front, great transmission system, and rear angles of view. The four-wheel drive and coil-over suspension make the Wrangler’s slogan “Go anywhere. Do anything” true. It’s not just only the Wrangler, but other models under this name exhibit remarkable performance on and off-road. And that’s why it’s a common choice for many people.

Top-Quality Products

Jeep comes as a reputable automobiles brand producing quality products for excellent user experience. It is regarded as one of the most decorated SUV brands ever and has won awards thanks to the revolutionary design and plenty of standard safety equipment.

The Jeeps family registered plenty of awards won in 2016. For example, the Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA) awarded the Cherokee model the best Compact Sports Utility vehicle. Besides, Jeep Wrangler appeared on Strategic Vision’s Most Loved Vehicles list. And the Jeep Renegade won as the Best SUV worth the money by Autobytel.

What’s more, the Active Lifestyle Vehicle (ALV) awards stated Jeep as the most active automobile brand on the market. Jeep Grand Cherokee got a five-star rating for safety from the National Highway Safety Authority (NHTSA). Additionally, this model was appreciated as the “Most ideal Mid-Size SUV” for six years in a row by AutoPacific. As for the brand’s 4×4 models, the Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited both received the best “Four Wheeler of the Decade” awards by Four Wheeler.

Culture and Lifestyle

Typically, Jeep vehicles were a popular means of transportation used as the military after World War II and were sold by Willys MB. The veterans also began to buy the Jeeps for different reasons, making the brand spot the varied demands the market had. CJ-2A was the initial model to step into the market.

The Wrangler models you see out there took quite a long time to arrive in the market. Its first debut with the American Motors Company was in 1987. By that time, the model had an elegant and bold look, which is also present in the modern models that make Jeep very special.

Their Willy’s round headlights and up to seven slotted grilles have also been included in most of today’s Wranglers. The historical features and designs old models had are what most Jeep enthusiasts, mostly the adults today, want and always look for. There are numerous models with modern styles and configurations to suit the current generation’s needs.


After its launch after World War II, Jeeps have undergone different upgrades and have been passed from one automaker to another. Today, its operation is under Chrysler Automobiles. As one of the best names known to make off-road vehicles, the brand has earned respect from most companies.

Although their iconic style changed over the years, the models got more new yet reliable and quality material upgrades. That’s why the models have a rigid design (from the body casing to tires), which guarantees a lifelong performance. Plus, this explains why they are a better choice for driving on tougher terrains without a fuss. More importantly, Jeeps are the best options for all-weather driving.

Easy Maintenance

Jeeps vehicles are entirely easy and affordable to repair and maintain. This makes the brand very popular and loved by many compared to numerous Japanese and European automobile brands. In fact, users can work on them as they require no experience or degree in mechanics.

You’ll find their engine systems simple with unique, roomy engine bays that offer easy access to engine parts. Interestingly, tons of websites and YouTube videos provide users with tips on repairing and maintaining their Jeep vehicles. That’s why most teenagers and young adults prefer Jeeps as they find it fun to learn how to work in and out of their vehicle’s maintenance.

Bottom Line

For centuries, Jeeps have existed as a staple in the SUV industry, and the reasons are clear. Their long history, superior design, and quality materials make the brand incredibly reliable. Also, their wide range of models ensures that everyone gets one that suits their desires. Above all, the models have a bold, recognizable style and greater ability to keep up with traffic.

Are you looking for any model in the Jeep family? If so, you can find your pick from the Jeep dealers in Dayton Ohio. Whether you are a teenager or young adult, you’ll find your dream Jeep vehicle model with guaranteed top-notch performance and satisfaction.

Author: Brenda Vollman

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