Published On: Sat, Jul 6th, 2019

Why It Is Important to Do Termite Inspection?

Termites can damage your house and therefore only 25% – 35% of the interiors of homes today are accessible for inspection for termites. This pest is considered to be the most damaging one compared to all other pests. 


Termite nest photo/ Patrick Gleeson, CSIRO

Usually termites and few other wood-destroying pests such as carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles and carpenter bees can be opportunists which look to gain access to balance 65% of places in those structures that are inaccessible, and they start their destructive antics.

Quite often you will not find any visible indication about the presence of termites at your home. These termites are very elusive creatures, and their infestation may go undetected for many years.

They will remain hidden behind walls, insulation, floor coverings and other obstructions. Also, termite feeding or damage may even progress undetected within the wood which is exposed, as the outer surface usually is left intact. 

To eliminate home full of termites will need special skills, that include knowledge about building construction, identifying hidden and areas that are difficult-to-access where termites are very likely to enter.

Getting termite inspection Sunshine Coast performed by any trained professional in your home annually for termites as well as other wood-destroying pests can bring peace of mind. Since a professional will know where exactly to look for and also what really to look for.

Almost 40% of subterranean infestation of termites originates at the entrance of utility through termite swam slabs, and also expansion and settlement cracks in slab. Inspectors can start at foundation and also work their way by examining every possible crevice, crack and potential entry point of termite.

If inspectors identify any presence of termites/wood-destroying pests or organisms like dry rot and few other fungi at your home, then they can determine the source of infestation.

After that they provide you their treatment recommendations. Also, they will make recommendations for a repair work that will be necessary for any damage caused due to infestation.

Protecting your house

As a homeowner, you can protect your home against all destructive termites/other wood-destroying pests with the following termite prevention tips:

  1. Inspect regularly your home foundation for any signs of damage due to termite and fill-in if you find any cracks in the masonry or concrete.
  2. Try to divert every ounce of moisture from foundation of the home by installing proper downspouts, splash blocks and gutters. 
  3. While watering your lawn, never sprinkle on wood siding
  4. Try to reduce humidity on crawl spaces having proper ventilation
  5. Remove old form grade stakes, boards, tree trunks/roots near the home, as they may attract termites
  6. Trim hedges, vines and other vegetation for preventing them from blocking the vents
  7. Maintain an 18” gap between the soil and wood portions of the home
  8. Store firewood minimum 20’ away from house, and also check it for any pests before you bring it indoors

Nowadays you can get plenty of pest control professional companies for preventive pest control to provide thorough termite inspection, who offers service for both commercial and residential treatment.

Author: Aalia Ray

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