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Why Is PMI Really Helpful To Homebuyers

When you are planning to buy a home, you definitely face the necessity to get mortgage insurance. Every mortgage lender considers his duty to explain why you need it and how it should be calculated. Also, you can get enough information about how and when you can stop paying it. Additionally, you might want to learn about the best decision for debt consolidation loans.

But if you require a simple understanding of what benefits mortgage insurance brings you, check this condensed information about this mortgage attribute. It is the easiest way to understand how it makes your life as a homebuyer easier. Consider the following points and make it clear.

Private Mortgage Insurance – What Is It?

PMI or private mortgage insurance is an extra payment that you are required to pay on your mortgage. It’s demanded to pay this insurance in the situation when borrowers have not enough money to cover a 20% down payment. When you obtain a mortgage using the FHA guideline then your mortgage insurance will be insured by the FHA. For other mortgage plans, you can find an appropriate offer from one of the various companies providing mortgage insurance.

photo supplied, courtesy of guest blogging network

photo supplied, courtesy of guest blogging network

The PMI rates can be quite different depending on a loan you choose. Also, the rates depend on your own financial conditions and possibilities. Your credit score and the down payment you can cover are main factors in determining the PMI rate. You can apply for the lowest rate of 0.3% and up to 1.15%, while this is still not the highest limit. This payment is calculated from the mortgage amount at the beginning of a year.

For better understanding, you can read an example. Imagine that you choose a home priced at $150,000. You can pay only a 5% down payment that means $7,500. Then you have to pay 0.69% as PMI. So, your mortgage amount is $142,500 and should be multiplied by 0.0069, so you get $983.25. This amount is turned to the monthly payment of $81.9375 which is added to the regular mortgage payment. This money you will pay to your PMI company. If you have no possibility to continue paying and your house is foreclosed, a definite part of your mortgage will be covered by the PMI company.

Small Down Payment

The obvious advantage that you get with PMI is a chance to purchase a home right now. You might have not enough cash to cover 20% down, so PMI makes it possible. As you have seen in the example described above, you would be required to save up to $30,000 to buy a house priced at $150,000, and this can take much time.

Choose the Most Appropriate Payment

Borrowers have different options depending on a mortgage payment plan. So, you should think about the following ones:

– Monthly payment – most homebuyers choose this option. Your PMI is calculated at the beginning of each year and this amount is added to the monthly loan payment.

– Annual payment – a homebuyer is required to cover PMI each year on a defined date.

– Up-front payment – such variant is appropriate for a homebuyer who has the necessary amount of money to cover the full size of PMI up front with no payments over time.

PMI gives you a chance to have a home of your dream making a small down payment. Thus, you don’t have to wait for some years saving money for a down. Instead, you can enjoy living in your own house, while making small extra payments. Also, mind that the PMI payments will be stopped when you cover a down payment amount, so this option is great even for homebuyers with a small income.

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