Published On: Thu, Jun 6th, 2019

Why is JavaScript important for website optimization?

Nowadays, web development offers more options than ever before to make websites that are catchy, unique and interactive. Developers have the benefits of being able to use HTML5 and CSS3 in tandem to make websites stand out. However, Javascript can make a real difference with its interactivity features that provide dynamic capabilities to web content.

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Javascript is an object-oriented language that is estimated to be currently used in more than 90% of websites. Anyone who wants to get into serious web development and front-end programming should learn Javascript alongside HTML and CSS.

Javascript development companies will offer services to anyone looking to spice up their websites or create distinguished apps.

A Scripted, Object-Oriented, Client-Side Language

Javascript is a scripted language which means that it can be written as a plain text file, and this is one of its main strengths. This makes it is easy to start writing and modifying code in any free text editor.You can either create a separate file containing Javascript code or add Javascript code into an existing HTML file. It is dynamic and thus can be changed on the spot like HTML code. Because it is scripted, coding in Javascript requires no additional software.

Javascript is a front-end language based on the client-side of development. Therefore, it can run quickly on browsers without waiting for a separate server to read and process the data. The changes that people see in their browsers are dynamic and content loads faster.

Javascript is also an object-oriented language. Thus, real-world objects can be described with properties. In developer terms, it supports inheritance through prototyping alongside properties and methods.

Once objects are defined, events can be fired and they can be initialized as many times as the developer sees fit.

Benefits of Javascript

Today, many people rely on mobile devices and browsers for web browsing. They also have less patience and are used to interactivity and automation. Javascript can help with these requirements, with the added benefit that it also is compatible across devices and browsers, and can be used alongside HTML and CSS to create Web Apps and sites.

What makes Javascript truly stand out is how it can add interactive elements to a website. An example would be a button for user interaction, banners that are dynamic or games that play directly from a page. Web Apps are another one of Javascript’s strengths as entire applications can run from browsers using Javascript code.

Content that is dynamic and easy to modify as well as efficiency and speed are Javascript’s hallmarks. As previously mentioned, due to being a client-side language, page load time speeds can be improved when implementing Javascript code into a site.

Javascript is one of the three pillars of front-end web development alongside HTML and CSS. A good developer will be able to implement all three when needed and create content users or site visitors will keep coming back to. The interactivity addition today is more important than ever to add to a site’s flair.


If you are running your company’s website without much dynamic content to make it stand out from the competition, consider hiring a Javascript developer to improve your site’s UX. It can truly make the difference between a site that is boring and template-based vs one that has a sense of depth.

Author: Malcolm Rogers

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