Published On: Thu, Jun 25th, 2020

Why is it Important to Teach Kids about Traditional Modes of Learning in the Digital Age?

Technology seems so unstoppable, almost conquering the entire populace nowadays. Although the advantages are undeniably beneficial to all, there are times that the digital era deprives the younger generation of the opportunity to learn through the traditional modes of learning. While some may say that the old ways may seem outdated, their relevance continues to exist as they were the practice for a long time before the advent of technology. Children still need some exposure to the traditional way of life to help them grow independently, with or without the use of technology.

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To appreciate the simplicity of life

The most admirable promise of the traditional mode of learning that is essential to the well-being of children is the appreciation of the simplicity of life. Simplicity is far different from convenient since it entails some hard work and using ordinary tools or methods to get the target output. Also, simple life can teach children to seek happiness that is not based on materials things. The contribution of the traditional modes of learning is the teaching of ethical values which are vital attributes that are sadly missing these days.

To develop them into critical thinkers

Science undergoes the basic but protracted process just to derive conclusive proof of the existence of any matter. Drawing from this concept, the traditional mode of learning can be a way to develop kids into critical thinkers. Since asking questions is the very nature of children, it is more effective to let the kids discover the answers instead of providing them. It is also a way to capacitate them to explore further the matters surrounding them. Activities like a simple stroll in the park, observing the movements of people, and processing such observations is how the traditional mode of learning can be applied to children.  

It’s important to provide as diverse a palette as possible in their early years, because as they progress through their education and utilize resources as varied as direct entry MSN programs and classroom learning, the true impact of incorporating a critical approach to life at a young age serves them well, in and out of the classroom setting, and provides them with a richer tapestry to draw from.

To balance the use of electronic gadgets

Aside from helping children to be socially responsible in the future, training them using the traditional methods is also a way to break their reliance on electronic gadgets. Addressing this concern is crucial since the effects of overuse of these objects, and the exposure of children to the internet is alarming. Changes in attitudes, lack of interest in studies, and worse, emotional instability, are among the clear manifestations due to attachment to technology.

Also, many children are now experiencing different health problems and conditions that have effects on the growth and development of children as seen at https://pediatricendocrinologynj.com/. The challenges now for parents include two things. First is freeing their kids from reliance on technology, and second is swaying them to look for better activities rather than spending time with their gadgets. 

To monitor their personal growth

Time well-spent with children gives parents the chance to follow their physical and psychological growth. It is can also enhance their openness to the family since it is the communication skills that are being built by this traditional yet fulfilling way of educating kids.

Technology is not generally bad for children. What is troublesome is when there is imbalance exposing the children to unworthy channels of acquiring knowledge.

Author: Oliver Samson

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