Published On: Wed, Jun 27th, 2018

Why is a Valuation Important Before Buying an Existing Business?

While buying a business is among the easiest method to shift from a job or occupation into running a business, potential buyers need to tread carefully, before entering the fray, or face repercussions. Sellers look towards getting the best price for their business and tend to use business valuation methods which might be inaccurate and unfair. In doing so, they ignore the possible dangers which are of severe concern to buyers and can lead to the sale falling through.

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Here are some aspects which many business valuation consultants recommend can affect the earning capacity of a business:

Previous Earnings

The profits history of a company which has been running for a couple of years is a strong indication of future potential. Organisations in which sales and earnings reveal a constant boost are considered more favourably by possible investors compared to businesses with inconsistent revenues.

Significant financial investment in money and time is needed to turn an unprofitable business around, and if a company which has been operating for five years or more, has a lousy performance history, it’s a warning to possible investors.

Business Growth and Potential Customers

Possible purchasers who recognise with the industry they are aiming to purchase a business in can use their experience and knowledge to assess earnings capacity. If the potential buyer is brand-new to the industry, it’s essential to do some research before approaching the seller. The internet uses a wealth of information about trends in almost every market and is a fantastic starting point to collect details.

A business valuer in Australia can help you find businesses in an emerging industry as these are more likely to provide a higher cost than a company in a sector which remains in the start of a decline.

Management Experience

Companies which are reliant on the owner and a couple of key staff members have a greater level of risk for prospective investors compared to services who have a skilled management team.

Purchasers are worried that business owners may begin a competing business and take the most rewarding customers with them. While this may not use to big organisations, small companies which are primarily dependant on the owner will bring a considerably lower rate. Smaller businesses have substantially less depth in management makings prospective purchasers uneasy.Precisely what’s likewise a critical issue is whether the management is open to change and are willing to check out new ideas to grow the business.

Conditions of Sale

Capital funding is often an issue in getting business. Purchasers are interested in discovering whether the company is stable enough for debt funding instead of equity capital or if an arrangement can be made with the owners to fund an acquisition. Capital finance accessibility can considerably increase the value of a business to a potential buyer and sellers who use funding alternatives can gain a strategic advantage over those who don’t.


The durability of business is identified by a variety of elements and companies with a capability to diversify are a lot more attractive to buyers compared with those serving a small market and have restricted expansion abilities.

There are two essential considerations:

  • The first factor to consider is whether the item range or services can be broadened to serve emerging customers with different requirements. Exist production or supplier limitations which can be a bottleneck for growth?
  • Geographical reach. Businesses with product and services which can satisfy the needs of customers topped a larger geographic area have a greater appeal, particularly in Australia with a relatively low consumer base.

Although this is not an extensive list in the valuation of a business, business valuers thoroughly analyse these factors when evaluating a company, which a customer may be seeking to obtain. These and other factors aren’t always apparent to prospective purchasers, and it’s still best to get help from a business valuation expert in Australia as they provide an objective assessment of the value of a business that you might be interested in.

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