Published On: Tue, Feb 9th, 2010

Why I think the Tea Party is done

What I believe started out as a constitutionalist movement particularly during the Republican presidential primary run of Ron Paul of Texas has been bastardized to the point that its becoming unrecognizable.

When Paul supporters came out of the woodwork in 2007-2008, places like Fox News dismissed the people dressed up in “patriot attire” and shouting for bringing the troops home and an end to the Federal Reserve as a bunch of kooks. The Republican establishment couldn’t understand it but they could see Paul had started something.

The “original” tea partiers were bashing the horrible fiscal and foreign policies of George W. Bush and the Republican congress. They (Bush et al) were doing many of the same atrocities to the Constitution that the current administration and congress are.

What a difference a year or two makes. The neocons had lost their power in Washington and saw this truly grassroots movement and the fervor it produced and decided to hijack it and use it to their political advantage.

What has the Tea Party turned into? After the Republican elite and Fox news, particularly talking heads like Sean Hannity (who knows about as much of constitutional government as I do in my pinky)it is slowly but surely turning into, and I believe will be totally swallowed up by the Republicans…in due time.

Like a parasite, Fox and the republicans saw such a vibrant host in the tea parties and attached themselves to it, and it will eventually be the ultimate demise of it.

It went from having a defacto leader who has defended the Constitution for over 30 years in Congress to Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and VP candidate who doesn’t really have an original thought or philosophy on anything the movement stood for.(I’m not even going to go into the crib notes, etc)

Many, not all of Tea Partiers are now following the Fox News mantra of perpetual war and even Mrs. Palin followed in the footsteps of neocon Daniel Pipes in saying that President Obama should “declare war on Iran” (this alone should show that Mrs. Palin has NO grasp on the Constitution or the founders) if he wants to get reelected in 2012!

Is that part of the “tea party platform”?

With Palin at the helm and shipmates Hannity and Fox News at her side I sincerely believe the following things will happen:

  1. The tea party will be completely engulfed by the Republican Party and become totally irrelevant and destroyed.
  2. If and when the Republicans regain both the presidency and congress again it will be an exact repeat of 2000-2006.
  3. Many current tea partiers will become disillusioned with the Republicans (deservingly so) and seek out a populist.
  4. Fox News will dismiss the real tea partiers as cranks and kooks.
  5. Fox News will NOT criticize big government spending produced by Republicans in the future.
  6. This will turn out to be a HUGE missed opportunity for the case of freedom and liberty.

Time will tell…


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