Published On: Fri, Nov 13th, 2020

Why Hiring An Attorney After An Accident Is A Smart Idea

After having an accident, it’s quite normal to be overwhelmed with emotions and try to do everything possible to sort the situation. However, it is at this time that victims make the most mistakes that interfere with their case.

In case you’re hurt from the accident, then get medical attention and have a doctor write a statement about your injury. This will help build your case. As the police try to investigate the situation, hire yourself an attorney to represent you.

Auto accidents are daily occurrences worldwide, and Covington, Ky is not any better. Even though there has been a significant reduction in the rate of accidents in the recent past, it is still high. The state of Kentucky requires you to have exceeded your personal injury protection (PIP) benefits, and have suffered a “serious injury”.

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Do not be quick to accept insurance offers because your losses may turn out to be way more expensive than the offer. Also avoid word of mouth dealings on the spot. It’s quite hard to prove a handshake agreement if it’s not written or there’s no witness.

When considering a lawsuit, it is common to assume the possibility of success in handling it alone. One can assume that this will save them money. Unfortunately, it’s not the case. Hiring an attorney after an accident is the smartest move, and here is why.

For Thorough Investigation Of Your Accident

Accidents will vary depending on how simple or complicated they are. Regardless, it is important to have the evidence that will prove your collision to determine whose mistake it was and know who should be liable. Conducting all these individually will be a hefty task.

The cost of car accidents can be overwhelming. If your accident involved injuries, you would have to factor in the medical cost, the time wasted in the process, and the cost for any permanent physical injuries.

Lawyers will help you examine the following:

  • Any loss of wages from work while recovering
  • Future income lost if you cannot performing your normal job
  • Cost of vehicle repair and personal property damage involved
  • Future medical costs such as surgery
  • Your medical bills from the accident

They Will Help You With The Law

Becoming familiar with the law, to some level, is key, whether you are hiring a lawyer or not. You will need to familiarize yourself with your rights, the law, and the insurance policies. Familiarizing yourself with this is extremely time-consuming.

An attorney understands and will help you apply the law. They determine the accident’s cause, any violations involved, and what the at-fault party should be liable for.

Your attorney will also help file an injury claim within the applicable statute of limitations. To secure your right to compensation, you will need to file your claim within the right time.

To Help Handle the Insurance Claim Process

Unfortunately, some insurers may try to take advantage of people who do not fully know the law and policies involved in the process. This is a common encounter. But when you have a lawyer, the insurer is not likely to violate your rights and claims or even undervalue your offers.

When you encounter an accident, your first step should be filing an insurance claim with the at-fault driver’s insurer. Do not deal directly with your insurer because they will often and intentionally try to minimize the amount of money they spend on their clients.

In Covington, watch out for the following insurer schemes:

  1. Claiming you had the injury before your accident
  2. Extending your wait periods at your expense
  3. Becoming unusually hospitable in the waiting period
  4. Asking you to sign before you understand the state of your injury
  5. Putting the accident fault on you

For any communication and protected personal rights, let your attorney handle all on your behalf. Most insurers will have certain techniques to place the blame on you. If an experienced attorney represents you, they will certainly call that out.

To Represent You In Court

Even with a viable and trusted insurer, some accidents will demand a significant amount of time to have the cases solved. Probably due to their complexity. In such instances, the best way to go about it is to file a personal injury suit to recover your compensation.

Even though this does not cost you much, in Covington it can still be a baffling process, especially without any prior legal experience. Get your attorney to handle all the paperwork on your behalf. Also, appearing in court frequently can be time-consuming. With the help of an attorney, you will be represented for most of your cases and only attend proceedings when you have to.

To Make The Claim Worth It

As mentioned before, insurance companies are all about minimizing the cost. They are merely concerned with full compensation. Some will even deny your claim or, in some instances, pay you less for what your claim is worth.

A professional lawyer in Covington, KY will understand the kind of information that will increase your chances of winning a claim. In certain cases, your claim may be denied. If this happens, your attorney will be able to contend on your behalf until the verdict turns out in your favor.

There are instances where people will file lawsuits against their insurers for personal injuries. Insurance companies avoid this by offering small monetary settlement within the shortest time possible. Your auto accident attorney will determine if the offered amount is below the expected value and negotiate for the right amount. Filing your case can be quite a task, not to mention proving it.

Also, understand that making individual valuations and determining liabilities will require extensive research, not to mention being able to present them to court with precision. Not only should you consider hiring an attorney, rather go for a skilled one. Go in it to win.

To Minimize Financial Loss

The possibilities of going through all these without an attorney can cost you more than you had anticipated. For instance, you may file a late lawsuit or even address the wrong defendant for damages.

Worst case scenario, you lose your case for presenting the wrong information. If this happens, you will not be allowed a second chance. You’ll have to pay for the liabilities you are not responsible for, with no compensation on your end, but if you hire an auto accident attorney, you are covered.

Hiring An Attorney

It’s advisable to hire an attorney as soon as possible. It will help you minimize any mistakes that would have occurred if you were to go about it by yourself. You shouldn’t wait any longer than a week or two before contacting the attorney. The potential liabilities involved include medical bills and lost income caused by disabilities.

Author: Brenda Vollman

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