Published On: Mon, Jan 8th, 2018

Why Geo Targeted Traffic Is Important

SEO is an important activity for any digital business. This activity has diversified with the course of time. Now, businesses do SEO not only to stay visible but also to ensure traffic that is of prime quality and relevance. Staying at the top may not serve any purpose if the people visiting the site do not convert into sale. Thus, to extract the maximum from SEO activity, the specialists are switching over to Geo Targeting. Click here to know where you can get Geo Target traffic, but for now, let’s find why actually Geo Targeting is important.

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Marketing as per the scale of the business

Well, not all businesses are of mammoth nature or have global reach. Depending upon the scale of working, only the handful are the global players; rest all others have resources to cater to the local population only. Such people who are serving in the restricted geographical area require traffic geo targeted.

Promotion in relevant area

Another reason to go for geo targeting is that the specialists need location intelligence to make the digital marketing efforts more focused. The location intelligence tells the marketers where they should experiment with the product ideas. For instance, if a business specializing in silk is getting traffic from the place where there are silk sellers in abundance, this traffic will be of no use and the business entity will expose itself to unnecessary competition. Thus, geo targeting can help create ripples in those areas where the product is actually in demand and also, those areas are not stuffed with competitors.

Geo targeting ensures accuracy of the traffic

Advertising efforts yield more returns if these reach the correct audience. Accuracy of traffic, therefore, is important to ensure that the advertising efforts are oriented in more yielding coordinates. An 80% accurate traffic is anytime beneficial than 50% one. So, geo targeting is important for improving the accuracy of traffic and for better results from advertising, eventually.

How geo targeted traffic can be achieved

It can be done two ways. The one is organic one where content included in the web property is woven around geo targeted keywords, of course, keeping other algorithmic requirements in mind. A keyword followed by the city name is one of the techniques of having geo targeted content. Example- Plumbing Specialists (followed by area name such as Brisbane) when used in prominent positions while adding relevance can help get traffic organically to the website.

Second way is paid one, where you buy geo targeted traffic and the rest is done by the customized marketing campaign focused on this traffic.

Thus, advertising expenditure is to be managed in order to achieve more results. This management is possible if the efforts are target at correct audience in the relevant areas. Reach of the website need not be on global level, but should be to the traffic that means business. Gone are the days when websites needed only traffic to stay popular. The prevalence of e-commerce has made it mandatory to have relevance in the traffic too. Geo targeting helps achieve this relevance effectively.

Author: Mariia Lvovych


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