Published On: Fri, Jul 6th, 2018

Why Does Remote DBA Expert Recommend a Good Database for Growing Your Small Business?

When you initiate a small business on your own, the business is often run as basically a one-man show. You are solely responsible for handling all aspects of the business right from marketing, back office, sales, to even filing. It is quite natural for small business owners to rely on a file cabinet and an Excel spreadsheet for keeping track of the clients. Spreadsheets are supposed to be excellent tools that help in number crunching but once you start having too much data, for instance, on customers, inventory, or even your staff, you would surely be benefitted by using a good database management system. Once your small business starts growing, if you fail to execute brilliant database software, you would encounter various obstacles in your business’s future growth. Here are some reasons for opting for an efficient database management system.

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Centralized Systems

Once your small business is expanding and you have some staff to run the show along with you, it could become quite challenging to keep track of the ever-increasing amount of data and information. If you start using a good database management system, you could rest assured of a competent and efficient management of all your information and business-related critical data safely, securely, and in a centralized system. You could have easy access to any business data whenever you require it. Centralized data systems are a cornerstone to the success of any business.

Improved Human Resource Management

You must consider using a competent human resource or HR database for managing effectively the growing staff information and records. This could prove to be both time-saving and money-saving in the long run. It would be effectively streamlining majority of the human resource tasks, automating routine jobs, and speeding up to a considerable extent, the data processing process. A good database management system would mean easy access to staff hours, payroll, leave, benefits etc. Now you would have more time for focusing on taking your business forward. You may get in touch with RemoteDBA.com for seeking professional assistance and perfect database administration solutions.

Effective Management of Customer Data & Relationships

Customers are regarded as the lifeblood or the backbone of every business. So it is mandatory to use a good CRM database and treat it as the focus of your business growth plans. We know that full-featured customer relationship management databases generally are robust enough for storing and processing everything right from consumer contact details, their history to new leads, prospects, and business opportunities. There are some cutting-edge CRM systems that could assist you in running and tracking marketing campaigns like email newsletters.

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Competent Inventory Tracking

You need to manage your inventory competently as that would prove to be a balancing act. You may stock too many things and run the risk of excess stock or wastage while if you consider keeping a limited stock; you run the risk of disappointing your valued customers and end up damaging your goodwill and reputation in the long run. Moreover, if inventory is monitored manually, there could be miscounting, data entry mistakes, misplacing spreadsheets or even notes. When you employ a specialized inventory tracking database with barcode scanning and electronic data interchange, you could easily avoid all those risk factors. You could effectively minimize any lost sales and maximize your chances for expansion and growth.

Facilitates Note Taking

As businesses scale, they intend to get a lot of contacts and even more data about them. You might be getting questions, feedback, or even referrals. For a small-scale operation with less than 50 clients, handwritten ledgers or spreadsheets are good enough, but when you are in the big leagues, you need a better system in place to commit and track all the data that you gather. This is where a database system really excels. You will be able to make entries into an online database with time and date stamped automatically without any fuss from your workstation or even remotely, and looking them up later is a piece of cake too.

Saves Time by Being Always Ready with Customer History

The most undeniable perk of using a database system is the boost in productivity.  When your business grows you tend to run short of time for doing the mundane jobs because you have tasks with much greater priority on hand. Your record-keeping tends to become shaky and less than reliable if you are using any old-school manual methods. You tend to be unable to find what you need in time, and when you do, you might be dealing with incomplete or inaccurate data. There are no guarantees and blunders can break huge deals and damage your reputation. With a database system in place, you have all the data in front of you whenever you want. Whether you are interacting with a client and need specifics pulled up in seconds, or you want data to be saved as soon as it comes in, you will be ready to face any problem head-on and are guaranteed security, consistency, and productivity.


Numerous small business owners need to operate with extremely tight or limited budgets during the initial few years of the business and so they need to be wise while choosing where to spend part of their profits. Today, the market is flooded with several affordable and efficient database software packages and many industries are even using specialized and personalized databases that have been specially designed for the precise kind of business usually done by the industry. You must research thoroughly and identify the right database and then invest in it. Sound logic seems to be an important aspect of your life and it is also, an integral part of any database management.  You could choose the right database system for maximizing business performance and reducing business owner’s IT headaches. You must have realized that in today’s highly competitive digital era, each and every business needs an impressive database that comes totally packed with mind-blowing features right from wonderful backups and really high-availability to wide-ranging cloud services. You must also understand that there could be no single right solution for all data issues. Moreover, there cannot be a really perfect database system. Each of them comes with their unique features and drawbacks.

Author Bio: Randall Smith is a digital marketing expert attached to a private consulting firm. He understands the importance of a database for the success of a small business. He runs his official blog and shares interesting information and news in his blog posts. He often shares important tips and resources such as RemoteDBA.com.

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