Published On: Wed, Nov 22nd, 2017

Why do people love Italian food so much?

There is no doubt that Italian food is one the most popular cuisines out there. Some people even debating it is the best, no matter where they eat it! So whether you are looking for the best Italian in Sydney or in Rome, the quality and flavor is still delicious.

There is no argument that Italian food is loved by so many people. The question is why? Is it culture, tastes, ingredients, variety? Or is it all of them?

Listed below are the top reasons why Italian food is loved by so many people:

Italian food is simple

The major reason why Italian food is loved by so much is for one word. Simplicity. Italian food is no doubt amongst the easiest , and simplest to cook. Little ingredients results in maximum flavours! Roll up some dough, add some fresh seasoning, a little pasta sauce and stick in the oven or boil it and then boom! You get mouthwatering Italian flavour. As simple as that. This simplicity allows Italian food to be available everywhere.  Wherever the restaurant, you know you’re going to be getting that crispy, cheese melting pizza, or bowl of creamy pasta. This leads perfectly on to my next point.


Italians do know their way around cream. Whether it’s panna cotta, mascarpone, parmesan, ricotta, or even dolcelatte. There’s so much I can’t list them all. The point is Italian dishes are full of flavor due to their mastery of creamy irresistible taste which is what gets people coming back again and again, making Italian food so lovable!

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Pasta! Pasta! Pasta! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

Pasta and pizza have to be the biggest contributors to the success and love for Italian food. Where would Italy be without it? Everybody loves pasta and pizza. Pasta and pizza has allowed for new opportunities for countless tasteful dishes to be made! We have our spaghetti bolognaise, margarita mix, penne carbonara, peperoni. The list is endless. When you walk into an Italian restaurant you know what you’re going to order.  

They embrace fresh ingredients and vegetables

Italian food isn’t just about part taking a carb overload. While many other dishes start to stray away from vegetables, Italian dishes embrace it. Italians similar to cream have mastered and found ways to work these ingredients beautifully to complement and add even more flavour into their dishes.  Also one of the wonderful things about Italian food is that it encourages the use of fresh ingredients.  The fresher and healthier the ingredients the better the flavours you will get.  Italians have tomatoes and eggplant in caponata recipe, and chili and capsicum throughout most their dishes. All these spices and vegetables make Italian food amazing!


Italian food isn’t just about one dish of spaghetti or pizza. It’s about hundreds of types of sizes, and flavours!  It is known that best Italian Sydney cuisine allows you to choose large variety of cheesy, spicy, and meaty dishes to satisfy your taste buds. Sure there are the most popular Peperoni pizza, Margherita pizza and even classic Lasagna, but knowing there is an endless possibility of other flavours can make people go crazy!

So there you have it. Italians’ rich culture in simple food, use of fresh ingredients, mastery of delicious cream and vast variety of dishes has made people keep coming back for classical Italian food. It’s no wonder people love Italian food!  

Author: Colin Steinway

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