Published On: Mon, Jul 30th, 2018

Why do heterosexuals tell what’s right for all?

Heterosexuals who also call themselves straight (men and women) believe they think or say about those with different sexual orientation is right. They also think their sexual behaviour is the ideal one because that’s what the present society recognises. On the other hand, gays or lesbians think they are right and hardly accept advice from heterosexuals who think they are right. And according to a Thesis Rush expert writer, there should be no room for discrimination because people do not determine their sexuality themselves. They are born that way.  

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In this post, we will discuss why heterosexuals tell what is right for all.

  1.    Societal standards

The society we live in has a way of influencing our lives and the decisions we take. The commonly accepted sexual behaviour is heterosexuality, which is a significant reason straight persons always think they are right and others with different sexual habits are wrong.

People are always quick to castigate people who come out as gay or lesbians. In their opinion, people who possess these sexual behaviours are in dire need of help. The understanding many have about sexuality is that men should be attracted to women and women to men. Anything apart from this is considered inappropriate and frowned.

On the other hand, as a straight, there is no reason to hide because it is what the society accepts without question. Most families find it hard to receive the news of their children being gay or lesbian. Heterosexuality is what the community sees as the norm and nothing more. That is why those with a different sexual orientation find it hard to break the news to others, but they are gradually starting to come out of their shell.

  1.   Issue of Procreation

Besides the fact that the society stigmatises same-sex relationships, reproduction is another major factor that can make heterosexuals thinks they can tell what is right for all. A heterosexual relationship may not only lead to procreation, but children will have the liberty of growing up with parents of different sexual behaviour which is considered the ideal situation in the society.

There are ways women can get pregnant outside of a heterosexual relationship. But the challenge is raising kids together, and convincing them to accept living with parents of the same sex when they come off age. It could be traumatising for kids to grow up only to find out that parents of the same sexual behaviour raised them.

  1.    Physical characteristics or mannerism

The pattern of dressing that GLBT people choose most times, make heterosexuals think they are in the right position to determine what is right. You will find gay men who claim to be the female one in the relationship dress as a female, which sometimes looks unappealing. This act does not make sense to heterosexuals. They view it as an improper way of dressing, and the society also shares the same views.

Besides dressing, another thing GLBT people does that appears inappropriate to heterosexuals is their behavioural traits. For instance, you will find a male in a gay relationship acting like a female, trying to imitate how women behave in a heterosexual relationship. Heterosexuals also view this behaviour as inappropriate and think theirs is the acceptable behaviour. To them, finding a man act like a woman is irritating.

  1.    Factors that determines sexual orientation

The reason for homosexuality is one of the primary and most controversial issues that come up in sexuality-based topics. So the lack of in-depth knowledge as to what causes this condition and the fact that heterosexuals view themselves as people who possess the right sexual orientation makes it all the more complicated.

A better question on this issue should be: “what determines a person’s sexual orientation?” But to date, there have not been any conclusive research on the primary causes of homosexuality, heterosexuality or bisexuality. Many believe that hormonal or genetic factors determine sexual orientation.

Many share the view that humans are usually predisposed to the different kinds of sexual behaviours and learn their orientation as they grow. They believe that the society one finds himself or herself can play a significant role in the individual’s sexual orientation.

  1.    Heterosexuals believe others need help

Most times, students who are bold enough to declare their sexual behaviour, as either gay or lesbian, get rejected by others. They sometimes end up being stigmatised by others, especially heterosexuals that believe they need serious help.

There is also no cure for those who are already gays or lesbians. The thing is most of these people may have had satisfying heterosexual experiences in their past, and would resist any opportunity to become sexually active with members of the opposite sex.

Every culture has their definition of what they consider to be natural. And many do not view homosexuality as a natural thing. But historians have come out to let the world know that homosexuality did not start a few decades ago. It began with the earliest existence of the human societies. And according to anthropologists, gay and lesbians have always existed in every culture since the time of old.

  1.    Difficulty in taking a stand

Heterosexuals do not struggle to tell others about their sexual orientation. But gays and lesbians do. In fact, most of them find it hard to conclude on how to acknowledge their identity or sexual orientation.

Heterosexuals feel they are happier than people of other sexual orientations because they have nothing to hide. But being happy has nothing to do with one’s sexual orientation. It is a matter of choice and situation one finds himself or herself. The only thing that gays and lesbians experience often is that they tend to hide in their closet for fear of being stigmatised or rejected by their loved ones.  


It is high time societies started paying less attention to people of different sexual orientation. Everyone should be given a chance to express themselves or judged based on their sexual orientation. Just as most students buy assignment to get good grades, people should be made to speak about their sexual behaviour without being discredited.

Author: Alice Yoon

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