Why ‘Designated Survivor’ went WOKE and deserves to go broke

After a couple of successful seasons on ABC, the ratings hit a wall and were declining slowly. The Kiefer Sutherland led drama was already plagued with leftist talking points, but the third season, now on Netflix, proves how far a show will go to “GET WOKE” which usually results in that entity “GOING BROKE.”

How did the show go woke?


Despite the minute size of the trans community, 0.6% on the HIGH SIDE, the creators felt the need to be inclusive and add Jamie Clayton joined the cast as Tom’s transgender sister-in-law, Sasha Booker, who was drawn into life in D.C.

The character is used as a prop to preach to audiences on the transgender bathroom issue, particularly when Tom (Sutherland) nixes his sister’s appearance when the venue changes to Texas – ’cause we all know those Southerners are just so bigoted.

Of course, he ultimately brings her up on stage, normalizing her to the liberal viewers, winking and nodding that this IS WHAT WE WANT to see happen in 2020.


Netflix wasted no time burning bridges to half of their viewership with Kirkman watching videos of those “disenfranchised Americans” and how a Saudi poses with his child bride. Of course, in the land of Netflix, child marriage is legal in all of the United States but two (Delaware and New Jersey).

Yeah, it’s ok because the creators are convinced that the it’s just as bad in America as it is in Saudi Arabia.

They can’t spell SHARIA LAW in Hollywood.


From the opiod crisis to conversion therapy, liberals think they write both sides of the political argument. They don’t care about what conservatives ACTUALLY think or what they WANT ON POLICY, the leftist ideology is the GOLD STANDARD and the show is a propaganda piece for 2020.

There is now endless profanity and every white political group is secretly terrorists in some manner.

Netflix came in and said we will pick up the show if you add blacks, Hispanics, a transgender character and here’s a list of the leftist talking points to write about and oh yeah, don’t worry about censoring yourselves now…insulting the audience is good for their sensibilities.

This is sad since the show was so good when it began.

ABC saw the audience bailing and Netflix just marginalized half of the country over political talking points, insulting many of the viewers along the way. But they know best and the big question is if we’ll keep tuning in?

I know I won’t

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