Published On: Sat, Aug 22nd, 2020

Why Customers Love Text Message Marketing

With much of the focus on the many benefits that text message marketing brings to businesses, the real life impact that they have on customers often gets lost in the shuffle. However, the flip side of the text message coin is that customers enjoy being marketed to in this way much more than any other form of marketing out there, especially when it comes from the businesses that they already love to shop at. But why is text message marketing such a hit, and how does it help your business with your marketing goals? Let’s deconstruct it.

Text message marketing is a hit with customers for a variety of different reasons, which can definitely vary from person to person. In the end though, it really boils down to a few, specific reasons that seem to be commonly cited by most customers when asked why they prefer to receive text messages more than other forms of marketing. Some of the most successful companies have been using a text based marketing strategy for years, so there must be something to it, right? Absolutely.

#1) Customers Feel Important

First, and most importantly, text message marketing makes customers feel like they are important and in your business’s inner circle. For most of us, there’s nothing quite like being able to get a great deal before everyone else. Having an “in,” even if it just comes from a text message that announces a sale before other people know about it, does a lot to create customer loyalty. 

The fact that customers get to “opt in” to receive the messages gives them a sense of control over their marketing, too. This feeling isn’t something most people describe when receiving spam emails or flyers under their windshield wipers, both of which can feel like an invasion of privacy and a general annoyance. 

Texting creates a relationship between you and your customer, one that is based on mutual respect. It is a way to turn your customers into family, and the loyalty that creates continues to extend as your customers go on to refer their friends and families to your business as well. It can even span generations. Don’t underestimate how great of a tool making your customers feel important is.

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#2) Texting is Universal

In addition to making your customers feel important, text messages are an easy way to get your marketing out to them, as well. That ease of use is also part of why customers love it so much, too. Texting is universal, as nearly everyone owns a smartphone with texting capabilities nowadays.

In fact, studies have shown that most people keep their phone on or near them for most of the time that they are awake. This makes it easily accessible for them to accept and view your text message marketing blasts as soon as they’re sent, and most people open their texts within just a few minutes of receiving them when they’re awake. What other form of marketing gets read and responded to so quickly?

Text messages are a direct line of communication with your customers, much more than any other form of marketing allows for. It’s quick, generally inexpensive, and effective. What more could you want in a marketing service?

#3) Customers Love Getting a Great Deal

At the end of the day, though, customers really just love getting a great deal. Signing up for a business’s text message marketing is the best way to get exclusive coupon codes that aren’t available to anyone else. In fact, the vast majority of customers that sign up for any business’s text messages cite that coupons and discounts were the primary reason that they opted in in the first place. This is especially true when the sales offered are flash sales or sales only available to, say, the first 100 people in the store. The possibility of getting a great deal before other people are aware that it exists is incredibly enticing to customers of all ages.

#4) Customers Feel Related To

Even with all of the benefits of text message marketing, it can be easy to want to fall back on older marketing strategies like flyers and billboards instead of changing and adapting to a new idea. However easy it may seem to not change, it can be a giant mistake. 

The reality is, text messaging is the preferred way for many people to communicate now, especially the younger generation. When you use text messaging to reach them, you’re speaking their language. Customers love being talked to on their level, especially when done in a non-confrontational way that can save them money. Remember, they’re signing up for your text messages for a reason. They are interested in your business and want to know more. They’re placing a trust in you, which shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

Text message marketing is a nearly universally accepted way of reaching customers, and one that the customers themselves really love. It is environmentally friendly and reaches customers in a way that converts directly to sales, more than any other form of marketing out there. Adopting a text message marketing strategy is a great idea for any business! Reach out today for more information.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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